View my own base from above

Is there a button that help me to look at my base from above like when I about to attack someone? Also check if my base is updated after I change something and how many resource could be raided if the base get destroyed

No. You can ask a teammate or friend to take a photo for you!

Store a tower and then put it back. This should update your base.

This depends on the level of the player attacking you. In general, all of your “unprotected” resources can be checked in your storage hut!

Will not destroying farms or mills give less resources

I think you get the full amount if you hit 70% destruction whether or not you kill the farms/mills but on most bases, you’ll likely need to kill some farms/mills to get the magic 70%. I could be wrong though. It’s been known to happen :joy::joy:

Edit: See, I was wrong :laughing: Red had the right answer lol

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Killing mills and farms gives you the unprotected resources in those buildings. Don’t kill them and you won’t get them. Otherwise 70% is a win to take from storage.


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