View your own base in attack mode

Right now we can only see our own base the 3D way.
I suggest that we are also giving the option to view our base the same way an attacker views our base.
Same option as when we are in TC and view a teamplayers base by clicking on the templayers name and click on the “eye”. My suggestion is to implement it for base owner as well in TC.

The benefit of implementing the option, is that it provides an easier way to see:

  • The level of all your towers at once (rather than having to click on each one)
  • When restructuring your base it is easier to make a plan.
  • It gives a much better sense of how other players view your base (easy, hard, difficult)

Basically it would be a huge help during fort, as well as for preparation for fort.

I know this is not a “need to have”, but a “it would be very nice to have”. :relaxed:


I like that idea, players should be able to view own base in attack screen. Right now need allways ask someone to take a screenshot for you if you look for something, imo thats wasted time.


Always bothered me that we don’t have that option i also like this idea

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Something like this?


I’ve looked at my base from an alt. It definitely is a useful view of your base.

In addition, if you look at your profile from an alt you will also be able to see that your profile page looks different from what the public sees. The AP, DP, and top dragons may be dramatically different.

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love idea

You can already bookmark yourself if you have an alt. U change ur alts name to ur mains name, bookmark it on ur main, and then switch the name back to ur main. It’s a little out of the way and requires you to have an alt but it’s super useful! And would be a great built in addition.

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I’d also like to zoom out a bit further. See more of the game this way, as you do during an attack run

Maybe even a way to reduce the icons of your HUD on screen. The creators have worked hard to make the designs, but sometimes get hidden or clogged up behind the countdowns and icons to be seen

I have an alt, which is why I find this so useful, however, I think that this is to useful to require making alts solely for this purpose.
Don’t we have to many alts in this game as it is? :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

Great idea. It makes no sense that this isn’t possible given you can view but not attack teammates. You’d think this would be possible for your own base as well.

Excellent idea: it would be nice to be able to see it as our attackers are able. It would be easier for the base owners to see to rearrange and manage towers and layout.

One step further: why not having the option to attack your own base (like a sandbox)??

I believe you can,

if you’re teamless :eyes:

I got lucky once and found myself in the matchmaking, I immediately bookmarked it of course :joy:

I don’t know why there is no official way to do this, there already is a feature to look at our teammates bases, just add the little eye icon for our own names too :woman_shrugging: