Virtually no egg tokens dropping yet another PG rip the players off trick

Talk about the latest weekly events and Seasons in War Dragons!so it’s breeding and there is a noticeable lack of egg tokens in prizes and virtually none dropping from gold chests thanks PG. for ripping us off yet again

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Just buy some more gold chests ?


Perhaps provide some actual information? How many gold chests have you opened? Often when people claim they arent getting drops they’re expecting it in every single chest.
Also why are you wasting gold chests during a breeding event?


Actually I noticed this too. Thought I was just crazy :sweat_smile:

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Breeding events have the fewest prizes of any event. Fewer rubies, sigils chests and eggs. Even max fort gives a little bit higher egg tokens from prizes than breeding does. I dont really understand their prizing, maybe because most people dont open chests during breeding

Maxing the breeding event only gives you 14.6k eggs. hitting 11M in Fort gives you 15.4k and then PvP is higher


most likely because they want more spending on breed and once ur out of tokens lol you would have to spend more and more to get more

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I noticed that the 208k “special” prize had no egg tokens despit increased other stuff… Was a bit upset, but I thought it was just me remembering wrong. I’m still not sure…

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is there a list from last breeding>

Look at the different sheets. Each time it was changed a new sheet with the date of the change was added. The entire history is here back to when Mechengg started recording.

Edit: Also found this from last breeding. Breeding/Assault Event Issues - Official Updates Thread


No sigils I meant, not tokens… Sorry I got a bit confused…

i think @Morreion saves it dont quote me if not i do know there is a spreed sheet somewhere

Zami just linked us the correct spreadsheet :hugs:

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thank you sry missed it

What I have indeed noticed is with the introduction of Dragon Missions only XP Potions from Dragon Missions are showing up in Inventory. XP Potions dropped from Breeding Event Chests are NOT being added to Inventory! Yes, I opened a Ticket yet negative evidence meets fuzzy logic so all Support can say is I have the Potions I know I had from Dragon Missions and keep asking me to take screen shots of the 20 odd Gold Chests I already opened then asks me to click on each individual drop icon and take screen shots to send them… let’s see if Mr Peabody fixed the Way Back settings on my iPhone?

I just opened 30 gold chests trying to get more egg tokens, didn’t get a single drop. Bronze chests seem to be working fine though

30 gold chests is only 11 legendary drops, that’s quite a low sample. That like rolling a die 8 times, and then claiming it’s broken because you didn’t get a single 6.

To clarify, not saying I didn’t get any legendary drops, I didn’t get a single egg token drop. And it is a low sample, I’m just adding my experience because I’m not going to waste 100 gold chests to prove a point, but since others have asked how many chests were opened I figured I’d add mine to the data pool.

Chest drops are a sequence. 30 gold chests is not enough to guarantee getting 1 of any drop. You will start to see one of every drop at least with 200 chests opened, usually within 100 but not always. You may just be in part of that sequence where you won’t get any tokens for a while.

This also changes every event. The position in the sequence doesn’t change, but the drops in that sequence do. Hence it seems random but it actually isn’t. Open enough of them and you can gather the drops and formulate the sequence. Usually only a couple hundred will give you one of each drop.

The averages they give in the drop down are calculated over the full sequence with is over 10k chest opens. You won’t get close to that average until you open close to 1k.

Thr whole loop is 39 legendary items, then the sequence repeated. That is about 110 gold chests to get the whole sequence.

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