Visit bases within the clan?

Hi i wanna know if you can make it possible to visit eachothers baese within the clans to inspire the layout og the defences? Kind regards dennis

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You can’t hit bases from within your own team. Only thing you can is do use an alt, or use the view option. Or ask someone to hit for you.

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You can search your own team up in the team hall, click it like you would as if you were looking into another team, scroll till you find the player who’s base you want to look at, hit their name, then on the right side you’ll see the attack symbol, hit that and you’ll see the teammates base.

So in a way there is kinda like a visit your teammate base option already


If they chat in Team Chat:

If not, just search for your team in the town hall team search and you can select attack on the specific player, even though you can’t attack.


Ya know, I once discovered the view option by accident.