Visual glitch(es)

Hey forum friends,
Not a big deal like at all but… is it just me or did the bridge near the main island get darker?

I noticed it only today. And I had a weird thing where my incubating Platinum egg turned red (it turned back upon a force close thank god). Anyone else noticing some “off” things? :t_rex:

The door fell off its hinges finally.

also draco loading screen phase shifting, game on drugs (things go tie dye or something), etc.

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Oh my god that is horrifying. My eyes would bleed if I had to look at that often :sob: :t_rex:


Yep, there is no way that I would be playing on that screen. :nauseated_face: Also, I think the bridge is darker because PG changed it so that sorcerers took out the entire bridge and not just the archway.

My water is super dark on my screen, and they also changed the fish :rofl:

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i dont have any screenshots of this, but for the past couple of MONTHS there have been visual glitches with all my flak towers. they will often have a black square underneath them. when i am in battle, the dark flak towers themselves are invisible. thankfully, that blackish purple stuff is underneath it so i can still see it. wish theyd fix stuff like this.

I don’t have any screen shots but the past couple of weeks every once and a while my storage hut was enlarged and covered my whole base. I have no idea why but closing the app and restarting worked to fix it

oh i think i had something like that too awhile ago. I had something massive glitching out and taking up my entire screen!

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Pretty sure it was the storage hut

I’m fairly certain that that weird stuff happens—or used to—happen after updates. Pieces of buildings would be around my base like giants had taken over it :rofl: A simple force close fixed it but it was still funny. :t_rex:

You mean like this?

That has happened to many times and killed many of my dragons, I understand your frustrations

yep! exactly.

Again, you make me jealous :persevere:
Still no whale for me…

Water dark, no sun or moon, no fish in the dark see.

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