Visual Glitch Gold, still unsolved

Good morning @PGDave, Sometimes, a Gold Run gives a visual glitch adding double the value of one run to your total. The glitch resets only after a full quit and reload, and you cannot unload into the team bank until you do. It happens to me every other day, and 4.35 did not fix it.

It goes like this:

I’ve done two runs:

I should have 412k, but the visual glitch shows I have 615k:

I do another run and it says I have 810k:

enough for 800 new Troops:

But I don’t, and I know it:

So I do my 4th run, and now have 999k:

But still not actually, or enough:

So I do my 5th run, which is enough for 800 new Troops:

It shows that I have 1.18m

And I buy my new troops:

It says that I’m left with 381k:

So let’s put all my surplus into the bank:


And this is the bug that’s really pissing people off.
I venture to say that many wouldn’t recognise the visual glitch, and think they’re being robbed.

So, lets quit the game and reload.


Now the visual glitch is fixed. I actually have 178k

And I can deposit into the bank:

Finally, I’m safe from looting:

This all just happened, and you’re welcome to check my logs to get to the bottom of it.


Happens to me every single day and I agree is very annoying having to resync the game anytime I want to completely empty out


Started happening to me on the last upgrade. Was sad when this one didn’t fix it.

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