༒ VitaFinitHic ༒ new and looking

  • Language
    Understand and speak English

  • Time Zone:
    Hope to have all timezones so doesn’t matter

  • Played time:
    No limit atm… be active tho

  • Age Range:
    Above limits… must be mature and ok with adult talk but preferably 18+

  • Elite Account?:
    Not yet

  • Dragon Roster Includes:
    Hauh1 and good divine dragons

  • Highest Lineage Dragon:
    Not a prob atm

Bronze atm no requirements ( we will grow quickly )
I have built 2 teams in the past in less than a season reaching plat.
Plan to make one from scratch instead of rebuilding than get to sapphire in 2 seasons…
Officer spots are open for super active wise players.

꧁ VitaFinitHic ꧂

Our time will come.
Pirates from the beginning till the end.
No requirements ever.
We shall rise with glory.
Dedication will be presented.
Loyalty and trust is key give us that’s and we will stand by you stand against us we will fight you.
We will not die but LifeEndsHere for you :muscle:

꧁Reach out to me in game if you have any questions or concerns꧂

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Refreshing to see an up and coming team, good luck


We are happy to take alts in as-well atm

Out of curiosity, what does your team name mean? :thinking::nerd_face:


In Latin it spells LifeEndsHere

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