Vote yes or no on perch timer change

What do you all think about the perch time frame we should have?

  • Keep it at 6 hours
  • Change to 12 hour
  • Change to 24 hours

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Making this poll to try to get the perch time frame upped simply because people whom work can’t make it with in the 6 hours to feed it to keep the boost up and want it fed threw there whole shift please vote honestly!

Lower it so we can feed at 95% even sooner in feeding events. I vote for 1 hour so we can feed every 3 minutes instead of 18.

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Oops forgot to add the /s to my post lol

I didn’t know anyone keeps their perch fed… especially when there’s harbingers to feed

I don’t feed my perch unless its feeding. Then again, my perch sucks.

Lol they would end up having to adjust feed time instead of every 5 minutes

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