Wait, I’m confused

So does this means that if I “think” I’m going to lose a castle, I am not allowed to surrender to another team? PG will ban my account + my team if it happens?

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Sounds like it tbh. Because if people are knocking at your door trying to take your stuff, it seems pretty exploity that you can just give it to someone else.

Seriously doubt that anyone would get banned for surrendering a castle. If that’s considered an issue, then pg should just remove the ability to surrender castles (since there is no longer any infra cost when your castle is conquered, there’s no longer any point for it to exist).

Letting one of your allies conquer your castle to avoid cooldown is an issue. But apart from some very obvious cases, it’s not easy for Pg to detect.

They could change the mechanics so that conquered castles have a cooldown, preventing this issue. But I think that would be a bad change, and penalise opportunistic conquers.

As was mentioned in the other thread, if you really want to conquer a bubbled castle, then leave enough troops on it to prevent this from happening :man_shrugging:


@PGMatt @PGCarlos

Could maybe one of you lovely people explain it a little better for some of us that are confused like the OP?
Because some of us has questions towards the in game mail.

Like what do you guys classify as bullying? Is it a simple if it causes you emotional or physical harm?
What is classified as fair environment in the game play? Can this be related to bullying?
If the team under attack during a CD has their castle conquered by the attacker will they still get banned?

Stuff like that just to name a few

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:roll_eyes: If this is the case, holding castle risks too much.
It’s kinda expected behavior, I doubt this is one of the case.
assuming normal conquer attempt

It was just kinda a general question that someone might of had regarding the email that was sent.

Instead of insulting me without reason you could only read the closed post about this exploit.

The pg has not yet expressed itself in this regard (and I doubt it does since they never explain the exploits to prevent someone from getting to know and execute them) but it is evident that there is not talk of a normal surrender but of a use of the same as an exploit! In this case most likely they are talking about the use of surrender to avoid the cd of the castle.


This mail, whatever the agenda is, totally inconspicuous about what’s is and not. If the game mechanism is designed in such a way in terms of surrendering castle as an exploit, what about trading castles with gold, real cash and more?
Apparently PG is at a jurisdiction to decide who’s to ban or not, based on whether they wish to pursue the matter or not, even a what seems to be a legit surrendering of castles can ban your account!
Just beware.

If the ability to surrender a castle is causing an issue, I feel like there may be something that PG can do…

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"We recently received… " Is too hilarious, its been there for as long as i can remember :joy::joy:
What were your management doing last two years? :laughing:

Wait this is the same question I asked that got crapped on lol


I’m keeping it alive :fire:


Shhhhhhhh, no one has noticed

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its a feature why would you get ban lol

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That’s why

Lol’ing at the “we take bullying seriously,” when ‘we will disband you’ threats have been made, carried out, and…crickets…

Don’t get me wrong, I think teams should be allowed to attempt this (it’s a freaking war game) but the whole message is just so disingenuous

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