Wait to try for a Season Mythic?

I’ve been juggling calculators and charts but want to ask the experts. I’ve been saving chests and rubies for my first season mythic. What great timing. My question is that as it’s now 15K extra sigils to get a Mythic, should I throw everything I have at it and get as far as I can down a discount branch and make the most of the double prizes (using rubies at the end of the season for the sigil chests) or wait for next season and hope they reduce the sigil count ? I have 257K Rubies, 274 Gold Chests and 1440 bronze chests. I am going mad running endless scenarios, so any advice would be much appreciated.

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Do it!

You should get enough of the 2 discount lines done that the rest of the season will be doable.

Also, the important thing to remember is that in the discount lines you’re getting all the resources at half price. Ignoring the keys, the discounts are well worth spending resources on as those resources will then help you do better for the rest of the season, increasing your chances of gaining the mythic.


I would definitely go for this season. I don’t see any signs that there is a plan to reduce the cost for future seasons, and there is also no guarantee the next season will have the double discount again (even though I do hope so). The invoker looks like a good dragon too, so really no reason to wait.


I concur too… do it as you will have the rest of the season saving up chests and rubies after youre done with the 2 discounts

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Before you listen to any of those comments, you should give more informations about your situation and your team . Because it makes a huge difference in our calculations.

As you know there are many events , and different prizes.
In which league you play and how much teamprizes you are able to get ?
Like is your team able to get the 1,2k extra sigils in teamprizes in some events , and how high are usually teamrank prizes ?

Beside that, which prizes do you normally get from personal line ? Like 450 sigil prize , or different in some events ?


OP’s got more than 250k rubies and 270+ gold chests to open. It’s safe to say they can easily hit the 450 sigil prize every event this season with the bounty from those.

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It will make a difference if she play in a low team with low income from teamprizes , or in a higher team where good team prizes are nearly guaranteed. Many lower teams dont be able to earn 1,2k sigils for example , and if thats the case , even lower teamrang prizes.

Compared to my team for example , if thats the case , it can be a difference of 2k+ sigils only because of that from team achievements.

Depending on her situation, my advises would be different.

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Not enough where 250k rubies can’t solve it.

To OP, you have enough but this season I would change tactics from previous ones. Instead of super sigils at the end I would go golds in first two weeks.

Follow this mainly saying 1.5 lines during discount. Once you have that plus getting 400+ sigil personal and 100 sigil 5 quests each event you should be good.


As they advised you, with that much rubies you should get about 10,6K sigils, about 5,6K form gold chest and about 1,9k form bronze… and a lot of other stuff.
Thats about 18,1K sigils, more than enough for a whole discount line.
(source https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O_bnlUiTFPmN_tRXzNq9SqpgBpugjgHWZpUn3PcO3pc/edit#gid=953523880)

But this is only part of the equation!

Can you finish another 1,5-2 lines during the rest of the season?

Do you plan to hoard the rubies and chest earned for next season or do you want to use them to get the mythic?

Think about your performance and the use of those resources, then decide.

I wish you the best this season!


You probably miss my last posts, in other topics i wrote about the way of 3 keys+ 34 goldchests, maybe that helps you aswell better. If you open that during fortification event, according to your plan, you might get good stuff and safe stuff at same time ! :slight_smile:

The issue is… 257k rubies means 640 golchests + 21 bonus ones… However the calculation is made with at average , so it is possible to say what it means.
With her 274, and assuming from prizes she get some more… lets say its with rubies 920 golchests totally…
That is 19k of sigils from goldchests, and nearly 2k from bronze chests… so 21k …
And now it makes a difference, what she can earn from both events…
Lets say its 10k… thats still not 2 branches during discount period…

But she dont need too…

What i try to tell is… she can optimize her state over 13 weeks , and pay “less” than she would have to!

Where is the sense if you pay too much, and end up with no safings for next season ?? Thats not smart, thats why i try to help her specially for her situation.
Like finishing 32-35k sigils in 2 weeks… and have 11 weeks for the remaining 34.5k… not the best balance, specially while leveling and stuff during fortification is important aswell for the future.

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r u sure u will be satisfied with either of the current season’s mythic divines? i’m only getting both of them on my main acc’s b/c i’m want the resources the branches provide each season, but i wont be going after any of the mythics on my alts this season… whether they’re more active acc’s or less. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Make sure you get the first 20 prizes from each discount line by the end of this event. Make sure you’re on a team that gets 8/8 team prizes and 10/10 team quests. Make sure you hit the 450 sigil prize every event. Make sure you have about 150k-200k rubies for super sigils. Make sure you only open gold chests and other chests during PvP. You’re likely to get a mythic that way.

That’s about the same number of gold chests as me and almost double the rubies I have and Ill get both discounts finished by the end of this event so you can easily go for it if you’re interested. Remember that each line also comes with gold chests that you can open. Between that and 100k rubies I’ll be opening over 700 golf gold chests today.

Next season or more for OP will most likely be saving season(s) anyways so what saving for next season is needed?

28k sigils in two weeks is under the 31k you reasonably estimate they can acquire. Leaving 37.4k for last 11 weeks, only 3.4k per on average.

I see a bigger win with progression this way as golds give way better progression items then super sigils.

Do you really want one of the mythics? All the scenarios in the world don’t matter if you end up with a dragon you don’t like. If you do, then have fun!

Fwiw I’m in the camp of opening more golds and getting further down discount lines, rather than saving more for super sigils. So many progression items to help you grow and do better in events. And what other people have mentioned about performance is important as well; can you hit those sigil prizes in every event and will your team be getting good team prizes as well? You’ll certain have the rss for it, but without the activity it won’t matter.


The first 2 weeks of a season should set you up for most of the 11 remaining weeks of the season. You should be getting at least 8k rubies per event, if not more which replaces what you used at the start. If you finish both discount lines in the first two weeks then you have 11 weeks to average 3230 sigils per event, which really isnt that hard. If it is then it’s probably time to leave that lazy gold team.

Since last spring I’ve gotten a free mythic every season and ended each season with at least 100k rubies and 200 gold. Once I start on my 3rd line I stop opening chests and start saving for the next season. That’s with being on a platinum team that didnt get the final team prize or only got it during fort. The only time I’ve ever gotten less than the 500 sigil prize in an event is if the season ends with a pvp because it’s not worth wasting rss on.

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If we talk about progression, we need to consider playing smart at best anyway.

Because for good progression our building up , and breeding is important aswell…
So progression in leveling is a difficult issue over time, this need to be in focus aswell.

Targetting prizes in events which are realistically , and not just shot out in some events, and be poor in others.
What i like to say is,… playing with system… to earn good stuff, as to have stuff for next seasons…
So its a way of using , to have stuff for whole season, and saving, to be able for the next season to buy stuff which is need.

The issue is not being not able to handle 35k in 11 weeks… the issue is, that wouldnt be need.

Lets say you win each week 5-6k sigils from event overall… And that means like 55-66k , where you only need maybe overall 35k (cheap way)…

That means, it would be a waste to overpay… Thats why i ask specially , in which conditions she is.
If she can end the season with 80k sigils over 13 weeks… and get all she wanted,… then it means she safed alot more stuff for remaining seasons… I dont say to not use the oppurtunity to get more prizes for less… but i think it should be done in a healthy way… while there is a next season too.

This new system of discounts open a room for a new handeling… means maybe to plan over 2 seasons to open during PvP and later Fortification aswell… To have stuff , as embers and more… rss… that need to be seen.

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Not really because you’re using those extra sigils towards other lines to collect embers, timers and gold chests for the future. Obviously you need to come up with a plan and manage your rss accordingly but also it shouldnt take more than 100k-130k rubies, certainly not that entire 257k (if it takes that much then you must barely play or be on a dead team). Remember that each of those lines are also supplying rss and gold chests

Look , specially people who dont spend much, look for a way to use the earnings to come forward at best way. And beside that , if you earn for example 100k during a season , and 500 goldchests as example… beside 4000-5000 bronze chests… you could go well, as long as you dont use more, then you could ever get back.

So if that overpaying, not everything is a goldchest you earn back… and even they dont pay usually for themself… , let you struggle to be good following seasons… so that for example you get bad and worse, then its really something you should think of it.

Similar to the PvP events with energy and IF…
You open much in PvP event, so that you have energy for the whole season , means for at least 6-7 events… and buy then again some in discount week…
If you overuse energy and IF , and end up after 4 events at the bottom, then you did probably much wrong, and need open even more to just compete. Or buy the next packs with rubies to compensate that overdoing.

As in other events… while you get at the beginning much stuff, and later less for similar investments…
So it would make no sense to use 80% of your bought timers in one building event, to make extreme points, and end up later with lower points… As in Breeding, where its meaningless to breed everything in one event, and be low in others.

There is a way to play smartly better, thats why i try to find out what we could do for her.

Tecnically my advise would be… If you are done with the first 2 weeks as good as you need, and took the first 20 prizes at both lines at least , because doubled… you can get the timer/token bonus… and then safe all sigils , all rubies, and chests, until its clear what is the best thing to do. ( that can be asked here aswell)