Wait to try for a Season Mythic?

somewhat related question:

is it a good idea to spend rubies for gold chests throughout the season?

Sometimes. They pack the most punch during discount of course, but if you run out of embers/timers mid-season it can still be useful to do so mid-season.

I generally try to make sure I do keep enough stock to finish the discount next season, but anything above that I do use mid-season. Depends on your situation how much margin you have there.

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I’d wait myself. And get yourself into a sapphire or high performing platinum team that hits the 1200 sigil prize most events.

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Thanks so much guys, what awesome info. I guess the missing piece i forgot to mention is that I’m on a lovely Platinum I team, however we never hit the 1.2K sigil team prize (well occasionally in Fort) and usually 7/8 on the group Quest prize. I hit the 450k sigil levels in most events and the 5/5 in the quests though. So now need to work out if i can do it without the event team prize. I never really realized that was a factor, which seems obvious now. Didn’t realize many teams managed to hit this!!!

Also really need to look at the mythics and see if they are really awesome, or i might cover my bets and wait till next season!!! Thx again all.

My vote is you have enough then if you want a mythic, maybe push a little harder in events for a few 500+ sigil prize events to ease yourself.

As Moonswirl said the first question is IF you really want one of these mythics?

Yess, go for it! You are in good shape to go for a Mythic this Season :blush:

Do you like this seasons mythics?..:slight_smile:

Personally I think Naja would be nice to have. Seems strong, and art team is on point again with another stellar dragon.

No one here can answer for you though if one of the mythics is for you though. That’s something you have to decide. Usually my decision comes down to “no” is no, “I can’t decided, I don’t know, yes and no” is a no, “o ya I need that dragon” then I get it.

You have the resources to make a very good crack at one. Unless your situation is very unusual then yeah you can probably make it to a mythic safely with change.

It’ll depend on your activity but you are starting with more resources than most people I know who get mythics.

As for should you? That’s your call. First and foremost. Do you think either mythic this season you would enjoy flying? If no. Don’t get one unless it’s coincidental you get one. Don’t blow resources on a dragon you don’t look at and think you could enjoy flying.

I would also listen to some of the more knowledgable fliers around who can give you good insight into who dragons may suit. Some dragons are good if you are a good flier and horrible if not. Others don’t require as much skill. Others may just be flat out not strong. And sometimes nerfs or buffs can happen months after release, and it’s rare that these fliers don’t call it coming.

And last of all take your time. Pace resource use over events and if you decide to go for a mythic, remember you don’t need to set your mind on a specific one until the end of the season. If you aren’t sure, that’s fine. Just take your time and watch videos, defend against them and just see what the people say.

Either way. Good luck on your hunt, whether it’s this season or the next


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