Wake UP PG! This is your Year of the Player

It is time to wake up and see what you can do “for” your customers instead “to” them.
Once upon a time in the realm of PG we had decent dragons we couldn’t wait to get ahold of and actually planned when they would arrive. Are you intentionally driving us all away?
So many decisions this year cost us more & more but we get LESS because of them.
Was hoping to start 6th year in game, but not if this how you continue to treat us.


maybe they’re developing a new game and needs to free up the playerbase for it? :thinking:


War dragons 2 with Atlas 2 spin off. More dragons, more primarchs, less server space…


You mean great lineage dragons like Mehaten, Icicle and Rajin? Or awesome divines like Moonfang, Huetzil and Merkt?

This isn’t the greatest batch of dragons ever but you have a very selective memory of the past if you think all the dragons used to be great instead of just a few a year. And this year we’ve had Ronin, Lusian, Meglok, Namaka and Narlyth, all of whom will likely be used in two years to show how good dragons used to be…



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Year of the Player. Every change and initiative I have seen from PG this year has been requested by the players.

They have done a credible job of giving us what we asked for. The problem isn’t that they haven’t been listening. The problem is that so many of the community have no idea what they are talking about and less idea on how their ideas will effect gameplay.

So when they get given what they ask for but it either isn’t exactly what they wanted or worse it is but it doesn’t work the way they imagined it they cry that they aren’t being listened to.

Yes there are a lot of problems that need fixing and balancing but to say they haven’t given the players what they have been asking for in the year of the player is just false.


I agree and disagree here.

Yes we have received features we want. And some of these are well done.

Some of these features were introduced and were NOT well done. Yes we didn’t give them specifics (in some cases) of exactly what we wanted. But still. Some of the changes left a bad taste in the mouth.

But there was also what feels like to me a substantial increase in the number of bugs, rebalances, and issues this year. Dragons that had to be patched partway through the season, dragons that do not function as intended, things like that.

Then we have things that were changed for no other reason than to make end game more difficult to get to in a game where it costs tens of thousands to get to endgame or 3-5 years for a non spender.

Hell some of the nice changes (namaka could be previewed in the water shrine) were discontinued as far as I can see.

But I think PGs main thing that’s causes issues is how they respond to these problems. narl’s issue, surts balancing (which I think was necessary before anyone jumps down my throat), kull rebalancing, the abyssal cost increase, etc. For All of these there was very little done to actually… well help players. Those who bought a dragon based on what they were advertised get left high and dry. Trust plummets. People become scared to make a decision in case the facts change. People see price hikes and start wondering if they will ever get late game, especially without spending. And if this hike happens. What’s next? Overwhelming negative feedback resulted in nothing. It gives people that feeling of telling into the void, starts festering negative sentiments and colours all future updates with a shade of skepticism. And while I understand that some of these issues were deep rooted. The fact remains pg chose to push out things that were broken in multiple senses of the word. But they choose not to allow for Reasonable solutions as it would take too much work (allowing people to swap their dragon for the other as an example). Which is understandable to an extent. It would be a lot of work. Except this has happened not once, not twice, hell at this point I think it’s more than three times, That the information changed. And this can be as late as the last few weeks.

So yeah I agree that there have been some positive changes. But there have also been things that are genuinely concerning. I don’t blame anyone for celebrating the successes because there have been some. But I cannot blame people for being VERY concerned, upset, jaded, angry, whatever other negative thing fits. And the key is PG’s response. If they made things right after, sure. But they don’t.


This is probably the most important takeaway. Trust has plummeted due to a combination of the lack of transparency, or when they attempt to share more they end up changing the content on us at the last second. Sometimes I feel that this is just a psychological test and one day there will be some sort of presentation showing how they intentionally did all these things for a long term study on how poor a company could treat its players before they leave.

“And then we did this to Surt. And nobody left! So then we did it to Surt again and nobody left! Then we released a dragon and instantly nerfed it. Again, they just complained. Then we changed the element on the new dragon people wanted and again, nothing! We raised costs for a new tier and nothing changed. We gave them their requested rune removal, but made a new currency and made it more rare than pearls. But they stayed. We also gave them “timer missions,” but immediately released a new tier at double the cost of tokens, ensuring that nobody could use the new feature unless they wanted to fall behind on breeding. But they stayed anyway. Heck, at one point we had flaks artificially capped and nobody noticed for at least a year.”

I don’t think I’m a difficult customer. But being honest and transparent goes a long way. My desires as a player often compete with PG as a company, so I understand I won’t always get what I want. But how difficult would it have been to simply say that “We changed Noctarn’s element because the new mythic abyssal was also Ice. We wanted players to be able to use them both because most players don’t have two maxed sets of gear for each element. So when the new mythics are released, we will have Narl (Earth), Noctarn (Wind), Galgrim (Dark), and Medusa dragon (Ice) that will all reach mythic abysmal. This is more balanced.” Controversy over. But to my knowledge, nobody from PG has said this. We have deduced it as a player base. When you have to rely on players to understand what is going on with the game, it certainly doesn’t lend PG any credibility.

They don’t fix the issues and when they do, they often don’t communicate it whatsoever. One of the biggest issues ever IMO was not being able to transfer Android to iOS, and the alternative. It was to the point it was common knowledge. Then they fixed it and didn’t bother letting anyone know. I tried it one day and it worked and was like WTF. When asked, they said “Yeah, we fixed that a few months ago.” Instead of making a cool announcement to take credit for fixing a major pain point for consumers, they just didn’t bother mentioning it.


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