Wall in atlas - harder to hit

Is it just me or is the first wall in atlas harder to hit? The wall at the beginning of the second long island, just after the turn. Use to be rather simple to hit before you make turn, now it seems hit or miss.


It’s definitely harder to hit. Me and my teammates were just discussing this the other day.

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Yeah at first I thought it was just morak after flying namaka so much but with all dragons the environment hit boxes seem off. I’ll aim at the wall and the first shot hits the tower and additional shots still may miss the wall.

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I honestly thought I was just flying like a potato But this makes sense. I know i have off days but missing an invoker empowered shot on the thing is a Lil bit of a stretch.

they added another monument

It’s way lower now.
Of course, at first I thought it was my superskilledflying

no they added a monument in front of it shoot it twice

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They do?

OMG… Why do they so secretive about it??

I need a long and comprehensive explanation from PG why do they add the monuments and not inform the community beforehand, like what they use to do with the dragons.

Can anyone tag PG?

They can add a monument but they can’t make hunter’s mark work on monuments in atlas. Beautiful, just friggin’ beautiful.

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It’s not added? The pillar was always there and always destructible; it’s just got a bigger hitbox or something.


I’m not crazy lol I thought it was just me


Is it me? I’d prefer not to have a “monument” that directly blocks me hitting a set of towers in Atlas while they are actively firing. Especially when it only appears every now and then. Makes things terribly inconvenient when in an atlas attack with an invoker and you have to waste 1-2 shots to get the darn thing out of the way.

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Me too!!! lol

Why would they modify the hitbox? (which is probably what happened)
Seriously, it’s been fine for two freaking years.

They did the same thing to the castle at the end a while back. Spell Flux (and dozens of other spells) won’t kill the castle until you’re 10ft from it now. IT’S BEYOND LAME. And it didn’t need to be changed, either.


I agree the castle change is horrible, it affects some dragons more than others, not a fan.


It frightens little kids! :wink:


Nice that someone put a topic on it. Definitely need to be closer to kill it…

No theres a invis walk way that attaches to middle pillar

Seems you used to be able to shoot through it, but now you have to wait for it to be destroyed before hitting wall behind it.


Hit middle pillar then shoot it