Wang where you leave it

Is there a way to make the chat window stay where it was last put? It’s funny sometimes that when you think you’re are putting something in team chat but it’s put in league chat instead. The comments are interesting indeed😂 But really ,I’ve seen a lot folks say the window needs to stay where last put.

Nope, but the search function on the forum hasn’t moved at all, so ya know it’s always there to look stuff up

This whole thread is about this and the many other problems with in game chat

Actually I have looked in the search box. Nothing shows up on the topic I’ve never posted before. Not sure why my topic title changed to the weird one it has now.

I was going to ask, but figured if someone left their wang somewhere they’d be back real soon to claim it.


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Lol. Autocorrect got my title. I found my wang. Chunk had it.

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