Wann kommt Atlas - When is Atlas coming?

When is Atlas coming?
Saphire 2 wann können wir mit Atlas rechnen.
Die Teams in Atlas sammeln Truppen um Land zu besetzen.
Der Vorteil wird immer grösser:
Bekommen wir einen Anfangs - Bonus um gleichzuziehen ?
Sapphire 2 when can we expect Atlas.
The teams in Atlas are collecting troops to occupy land.
The advantage is getting bigger:

Let’s get an initial bonus to catch up

You can check for future release announcements in #atlas. It was already released to Sapphire II and above, so if your team recently broke into Sapphire II, you’ll need to wait for the next one, and that’ll include your team, assuming you meet the league requirements for that release.

There are also various threads discussing attempts to even things out in Atlas, but you wouldn’t be able to post there until after your team can access Atlas.

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