War 250-250 and DP Ties

What is the outcome of a 250-250 war that also ties on defense points. It’s happened to me once a while back and i can’t remember what happened.

I tried to find the answer in previous posts, but could not. Apologies if its been addressed.

It’s a tie: no league points, no extra eggs, just ends in a draw. :man_shrugging:t3:


don’t know if this is confirmed, but the team with the lower team rating will win.

It’s not a myth.

I thought someone confirmed this in another thread… Weird. Time to :mag_right:

Edit : it was Kenshiki’s post two weeks ago :joy::joy::joy:

Unless things have been recently changed, in the event of a tie in points and defenses the win goes to the lower ranked team.

While we are discussing rumors, it also doesn’t make a difference how many eggs are lost if you fight the war or don’t fight it.

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Yep. Tie 250 to 250 and tie in defense points. The lower ranked team wins Have had it happen a couple times in sapphire

:thinking: What if the rating points are also the same?

Prior to introducing defense points then the lower ranked team gains some ranking and the higher ranking team loses some but not as much as if they had won. If the teams are too close in rating there may be 0 gain/loss even if the win/lose preview showed rating change. Both teams get some tokens but I forget how many. Used to be 5 but was increased. I would think that the same thing happens now except defense points have to be tied as well as flames

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Exactly what my thread about ratings talked about. Linking it here just in case someone is interested.

What Shimo said. In this case the lower ranked team gains rating and the higher one loses rating but both to a lesser degree than an outright win/loss.

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Yes, the amount of tokens and ranking points varies only by who declares war (i believe) and not if tie because as its already been mentioned there is a tie breaker even for defense points… sry if this also was mentioned and i didnt read.

Am i missing the image with evidence to support this claim? I do not have evidence of tie breaker being the team that is lowest ranked.

…personally i feel that in the event of a tie in defense points as well as flames that the loser should be the team that declared the war.

Which team declared, or got declared on, doesnt affect the rating gained or lost. It affects the egg tokens gained or lost. Rating change is dependent on the outcome of the war and on the two teams’ rating at the conclusion of the war.

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Ah gotcha, thank you.

Lutrus here tried to be sneaky, he first claimed it was a myth, then afterwards he changed it due to lots of testimonies that it was how it actually worked :grin:

Sneaky @Lutrus:joy:

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