War against another team

We are a small team of 3 and love the game. We have been declared war on 5 times in a row by a team of 40 or so with a leader 120+. This is really lessening our enjoyment of the game. We have reported them but they still continue to bully us.

It’s WarDragons. War happens and is designed around a team of 50 members. :man_shrugging:


Either join another team or invite more people

What Jonesy said. As a team of 3 don’t expect to win any wars, or any other events really unless you go all the way down to bronze.

It’s fine if you enjoy being with just the three of you, but it’s not reasonable to expect to be any kind of competitive in the team part of the game.

Really, i don’t mind being beat that’s fine but the same team 5 times in a row is acceptable? They start on 235 flames and we start on 30. We usually come top 3 in the events. We always give players a go but if they don’t contribute after a certain amount of time we boot them.

Really. This player came from a higher league to recruit players and has been bullying us on LC. We are in silver and we just won the event against the team that is bullying us and they didn’t like it.

Chances are you’re in Bronze league (too lazy to look). They’re just trying to move up. I wouldn’t expect you to move up with 3/50 players.

Edit: Silver 3, same difference.

We are only silver 3 but this level 120 player just keeps hitting us.

Moving up in the leagues is not the priority, enjoying the game is for us.

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You can only declare on people in your own league, so they can only do this for a week until the leagues reshuffle. Can’t really blame them for getting those easy points in though if they want to move up.

If you don’t care about moving in the leagues, why does it matter that they declare wars on you?

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Because it is making the game unenjoyable

Ok so after the reshuffle they are gone? Didn’t know that, thank you! :blush:


Spoken like a true greenhorn!


why? you dont mind being beat, dont mind moving up? that mean war mean nothing, you lost nothing and they do nothing to you. they just hit a declare button and let time pass. What make you unenjoyable?


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I’m not following, how does losing wars, a few attacks a day/week, make the game unenjoyable? There is ALWAYS gonna be someone bigger and/or better than you attacking you, that you lose to. I’m 220+ and I lose several times a day (and my base doesn’t suck, it’s not great, but it isn’t the pits either).

But yes, they will move up to another League Tuesday afternoon at league shuffle. That’s the whole point of warring, to move up leagues.

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Can you even make it to Silver 3 WITHOUT warring?

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The point is that they have been swearing, name calling and harassing us on LC. This and the constant war declaring from them is what is making it unenjoyable. If they get reshuffled then fine. Can’t wait.
( Bargarios’s teammate)

For those issues, you can block them. I do it all the time. It’s a game, ignore/block them and report them ingame.

Those issues are unrelated to wars.


Unless they are threatening to physically hurt you, and have a means to do so (like they know where you live), I don’t see how much “harassing” anyone can possibly do. Unless, of course, you GIVE them the power to do so.

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