War and Event Timing

Is there any reason, why the time of beginning wars and events is so bad for some (or many) players?
Why there is no way to determine the beginning of wars itself? E. g. the attacker wants to start the war at 2p.m. CEST? Or at 10a.m. JST?
Why there is no random times of beginning the events or of the wars, if there is no possibility to determine the time?

In my oppinion, this leads to a bigger fairness and satisfaction of many players (of course, I don’t know the number of players outside the US and whether it is worth the effort - maybe 80% of the players live in this time zone).

Put yourself in the role of the defending team:

War begins for YOU at 2am. YOU are sleeping because next day YOU have to go to work.
YOU wake up, looking at War Dragons - “Uhh, a war! Let’s see!”
YOU check the opponent, look what YOU can do for a good ending.
YOU are attacking an opponent and got the base.
YOU take a deeper look into the war - and see nothing good.
Every good/high base of YOUR team is taken with no resistance.
YOU see: “Argh, there are just small fishes in my team (it’s YOUR team) to get attacked!”.
YOU realize that the war is over and lost.
But why?
The answers are clear:

  • time factor ‘attacking team is attacking’ (it’s quiet easy if the majority of YOUR [defending] team is sleeping in bed)
  • time factor ‘defender team’ (when almost nobody is on [because YOU/YOUR teammates are sleeping] there is no resistance)
  • time factor ‘defending team strikes back’ (YOUR [defending] team is on, but the attackers are, too - more resistance in the attacking flights of YOU/YOUR team by the aggressors)
  • defending points (when there is nobody on to defend YOU/YOUR team, there are no points for YOU/YOUR team - when there are some players of the aggressors it’s quiet harder to take a base successfully; the possibility to fail an attack is even higher, so that there a many more attacks needed for 250 flames - but that’s no longer of interest because YOU/YOUR team have too few points)

One employee said:

I mean honestly I think war start time is unfair for people in some regions

My suggestion is to put a period of time between declaration and start of a war. And 10 hours (e.g.) seems to be fair, usually everyone is awake (6-8 hours of sleep) or end of working day (in approximately 8-9 hours).
It is also possible to explain the war to the opposing team at an unfavorable time.

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Now that prewar attacks are no more, I fail to see the problem here. If YOU are sleeping when wars start, chances are the other team will sleep while YOU are awake and YOU can turn the tables on them. Or perhaps YOU need to get more organized in wars. There are plenty of D1 teams (well, a bit fewer than there were last night tbf) with the majority of members in Europe or Asia who manage to win wars while YOU have excuses as to why YOU can’t compete.


Logically (speaking in generalities) If the majority of your team is asleep when the majority of their team attacks, it stands to reason that the majority of their team will be asleep when the majority of yours is able to attack…

Unless of course they are organized - then you either need to get equally organized, or inevitably you will find yourself pushed into a league more competitive for your playing style.


UK here. War starts at midnight, sometimes 1 am. Stay up until 2 most nights for this game. Fall asleep the next day.

so…why don’t you attack them while they are sleeping…base on what you said the time frame should be opposite so advantage is the same no?


Least we don’t ya have to worry about The Arab teams lol

I don’t see any issue in this well unless the other team doesn’t sleep as well :sweat_smile: We’re giving both advantages and disadvantages by having different time zones. And giving the ability to decide the time for which the war starts for the team declaring the war would only give more advantage to that team.


Events have to go live at a good time for people in the office at PG for when the bugs show up.

For war As others have said, now that pre-war isn’t a thing, shouldn’t be an issue. Hit them while they sleep.

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Well, let’s try it other way around:
Start the wars at 8pm CEST (“only” 6 hours difference - for the americans: 2pm), then 8pm JST (13 hours - for the americans: 7am).
But this is not even the difference between american and european time. - just when the wars start at 8pm TAHT, then you would understand what it means: 6 hours difference, 2am (on the next day) for americans.
And you can’t say that you are always awake until 2am.

There are so many time zones to consider it’s impossible to make it so that it’s convenient for every player in every time zone there is. We must…


So is my suggestion to put a period of time between declaration and start of a war. And 10 hours (e.g.) seems to be fair, usually everyone is awake (6-8 hours of sleep) or end of working day (in approximately 8-9 hours).
It is also possible to explain the war to the opposing team at an unfavorable time.

I love your response. Never a dull day on WD Forum :rofl::woman_shrugging:t3:

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I am from Germany and playing in an German team. I dont see much difference in having war against an us team or an japanese team! The war takes 24 hours, so the differences becames even because the war is 24 hours. There are no extra points for first hits, so the points you get in the first hour are the same worth than in the last hour of war.
It is all about coordination!

For the other events, there are some diffrences for sure. For example fortification our feeding. The first 20-40 min. I can collect much more recourses. Even if there are some delays in the starting time it could become bad for us in not US timezoned. A random event starting time would be more fair. But for sure there are problems for PG to be online at the changing starting times.

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The Fortification and Training event start times don’t necessarily benefit all American players. These events typically start around 430PM Central, and the ‘typical’ workday ends around 5PM. I personally am either still at work or driving home from work when these events start, so A LOT of us American players don’t benefit from the typical start time either.

I agree. The best time to profite would be from 6-9 pm i guess.
But you have 5-6 time zones over America, arent you?

Obviously you know we do. My point is that the majority of players worldwide (including myself, in America) are not in the ideal timezone to attack when RSS events begin.

I wish it started when I was ready to play, just the same as you wish it started when you were ready. I’m no better off than you are my friend :wink:

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I agree again :smiley:.
For sure brazil is the place to be to play good fortification events!

And Canada :smile:

I wish wars could be called whenever but would start exactly 24 hours after they are called. So both teams can plan ahead and call wars that meet with their team’s best times.

Naja, wenn die meisten des gegnerischen Teams gleich zu Beginn angreifen, ist man in Deutschland (normalerweise) schon im Bett wegen Schule/Arbeit/Müdigkeit oder was auch immer. Da gibt es dann keine Verteidigungspunkte - und die können einem durchaus den Hals brechen, wenn man am Abend dann die Angriffsflüge machen will, aber dort in fast jedem mindestens ein Verteidiger ist. So kann es dann durchaus sein, dass es zwar 250 : 250 steht - aber von den Verteidigungspunkten 16 : 77…
Sicher ist da auch “Selbstüberschätzung” dabei (77 Verteidigungen sind schon heftig, wenn man da nicht durchkommt) - aber der zeitliche Faktor spielt dabei auch eine Rolle, dann wären es sehr wahrscheinlich nicht nur 16 Verteidigungen…