War and points from members leaving

How is it a team in war can have a player leave, and then gain a player while the new player gets points? It use to be you join a team during a running war you couldn’t get points till the next war.has anyone else noticed this?

They can assist but not lead in war. Do you have proof that a new player earned flames as a lead attacker?

Yes it actually happened and n the past 4 wars we had

Hmm, the old player didn’t simply come back and do their lead?

After the member left the other team should not have been able to get the 250

XxHolexX could’ve done their attack before leaving, or came back at any time to do it and get 250. Just gives the opposing team a free 5 flames.


He probably attacked BEFORE he left. We have had to make roster changes during a war before, the player attacks, we also wait for him to be attacked so as to not give up 5 flames, then he leaves, and the replacement joins.

You sure that isn’t what happened?

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True but if they give up the 5 flame they couldn’t get the full 250 right?

As long as he attacked before he left, they can still get 250. (Or came back possibly)

They can, just means one of yours doesn’t have to attack. It’s a small sacrifice, which is why most wait till the replaced player is hit before replacing them, like Jonesy said.

Thanks for the knowledge all

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Yes according to PG the player that leaves before attacking can re-join the team and do his attack. So they waited until we took down that player then had him leave then he returned to do his attack after the ringer left. So their team lost NOTHING!

:thinking::exploding_head:that blows me away that that could be done

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