War attack bug/glitch


This is the war attack, dropped the Neptus but continued to kill my base with 5 flames.
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You will want to send this as a PM to @Arelyna PG does not like call out threads.




Replay glitch most likely :man_shrugging:t3:


They said they 5-flamed, so very sus.


Are you sure it wasn’t two people? A lead with a backer? :t_rex:


The obsidian was the backer, but the dragon dropped before the base was killed. They should have only gotten 4 flames at most.


The lead was a Leos which died on the first island, the follower was the obsidian neptus that died right before the farms.


@Wolf @FreePhoenix I meant are you sure that it’s not two separate players that attacked? If it was, then a leader + a different player’s dragon would still be five flames.
It is possible that this is just a replay glitch. :t_rex:


That’s what we mean. A Leos led, a different person’s obsidian Neptus backed but died, a ghost dragon finishes the base and they somehow get 5 flames. The best they could do with three dragons in a war attack is four flames. :see_no_evil:


@hellraptor yes, one attack but with a backer. But dragon dropped before the base was finished. Yet somehow left with 5 flames below 99%


That ghost dragon could have been the Neptus. The glitch is that the animation of the dragon death happens, but the dragon was not actually dead. :t_rex:


Doesn’t neptus have a healing spell?
Lots of the time there is a slight lag between the attacker and defender and the attacker may heal on his screen and the timing before the data is transferred to the defenders screen the dying animation could have been triggered.

That’s how it is in 99% of these cases


Ooh I thought the glitch was just not showing the third dragon that gets selected. That would make a LOT of sense then cause I was also like who the hell can select a dragon and continue on that fast? Mine always likes to lag out for a good 10 seconds first.


Also—if there was a tower left behind, the Neptus would have started at that point and not at the Seagazer perch. :t_rex:


Yep. Lag is a piece of you-know-what sometimes. :t_rex:


I Don’t believe that there was a tower left behind, but I didn’t understand why the dragon was killed yet my farms were killed after the fact.


The death animation occured, but the dragon was probably not actually killed and continued on to destroy the farms. :t_rex:


Gotcha… it’s such BS tho lol :roll_eyes:


There’s a lot of that in this game :rofl: :t_rex: