War attack bug/glitch


Damn have I found that to be true :joy::joy::roll_eyes:


This is long time ago video but I recorded because I see something impossible to happen with farms at the end of the base set up. The report said leos died but the base was destroyed 100% (only 1 dragon).

It wasnt possible to heal because leos had no rage. Moreover, if it were leos, there would be a smoke effect when he fired at the farms


Yes this was my point, Neptus was killed and didn’t use the heal but still killed the base after he died. Also I can tell it’s old :joy::wink:


The Leos had its passive activated too but the last towers being killed don’t show that big strike of light after the Leos dies. The storm towers are spazzing too. Maybe it is a cheat in some cases. It’s just very hard to prove though since those could be visual glitches coinciding with the game thinking a dragon has died when it has not. I have no clue. :see_no_evil:


there is no point to pursuit this anyway, the support said sorry to be you and that is just another glitch in game like every day
I stop reporting hacker long time ago too, there is no meaning to do this but a waste of time


The point is there are BS issues like this and they WONT do anything about it. Could mean the difference between winning a war and losing one. Just my two cents tho


and the report too?
if it is only visual, the report should have say the dragon was alive or there was 2nd dragon
It isnt the first time I have seen this, the other time was a hunter fae but the video I recorded lost somewhere


I think in your case it was definitely a cheat. I’m just saying it could be hard to distinguish what’s really cheating and what’s just the replay glitching out.


That’s just an excuse to allow cheating to hide…/ shine the light.


It’s an old glitch with replay,when dragon almost died,but healed himself in a last moment.
Happened with Phoenix spell and all kind of healing spells


@Arelyna, could you please share your opinion with us?


It’s a replay glitch - mine happened with Nollaig, who started healing at the instant he appears to ‘die’ in the replay.

You’ll notice in my video that my base was defended - pretty sure my teammate would have remembered defending an invisible dragon!


I had two teammates defending my base, they said that the Neptus was dropped. So they can vouch for this being a glitch


The nice thing about these “visual glitches” is that the infinite HP hack looks exactly the same to a defender or during a replay. Exactly the same.


Gonna put infinite HP on my Draco :muscle:

Now if I just knew someone who could teach me…


Castix had some new stuff. I hear he is a real iOS God.


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