War attack question


Our team is currently in a war. One of our players was attacked twice, and we defeated the attackers both times, each time the attack was announced with a red defense banner. We waited for another try, but never saw a red defense banner, however, we did see a green defense banner that signifies that a player is being attacked outside of the war. When we checked the war page, the player we were defending had been defeated. So, my question is, can a team attack our team from the guild page and count as a war run? If they attack from the guild page, the attack banner would be in green, not red.


It doesn’t make a difference where you attack from, if the base has not been 5 flamed you will earn defense points for a defend and you should get a red banner. Perhaps there were two attacks and it was missed? (Or the real attack was the exploit that must not be named/fixed)


Yes it doesn’t matter where the attacker starts the attack from, if the attacker can score flames on that target at the time the attack finishes, the attack will count. Banner color is determined on the side of the player who is seeing the banner, not the one who creates the banner. War status doesn’t update continuously on your device so if you haven’t opened the war page in a while or you’re experiencing lag, your device may have outdated information which can lead to misleading banner colors


Hmmm, Never knew that, so why creat different colored banners? If we chase all banners including those from teams we not at war with, we will miss some attacks. It seems not fair that you can attack outside of the war page and win 5 flames that count towards your war. If that is fair, we will launch all war attacks outside of war page from now on.


You misunderstand I think. Launching war attacks outside of war page has no effect on banner color. If, on the defender’s side, the attacker’s team is currently at war with yours, has not scored flames on the target, and the target has not been 5-flamed the banner will show as a war banner and count for war whether the attack was from war page, team page, bookmark, mail, etc.


Hmmm, so the question still stands, there three of us waiting for a third attack on our player and none of us saw a red defense banner. However, when we checked, our player was defeated. One could argue that on the second attack, they launched two attacks at the same time and we only defended one of those attacks, but the player that defeated our team member was the same player we defended against both times.


Most likely the attacker dropped out and attacked again while you were busy defending against their follower. There’s other possibilities but they’re much less common and would take more details for me to narrow things down


Or…if the team starts their war run before the war clock hits the hour it would show up as a Green Banner but if attack completed after the hour it counts. Also, I don’t think it matters where you launch the war attack from after the top of the hour, after that all war attacks will show up as a red banner.

Also, pay close attention to whether the Lead Attacker sticks around after his backup starts their run, if not, better have someone watching closely or you’ll get a surprise after.


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