War Attacking Ettiquette?

Hey all,

I’m a lower level and have begun participating in more wars with other teams. I couldnt find anything online whatsoever when it comes to War etiquette or even war rules. I have checked forums, amoeba, wardragons-strategy (wish they’d update), wardragonsinfo, and Rulith’s site. Ruliths had some info but I couldn’t find any guides or tips on etiquette when in wars.

I’m currently in Platinum IV and I’m probably one of the lowest lvl on my team at 44, everyone else ranges from 50-220. I know the basics on how to win wars however I noticed that some people don’t like when people attack without backup and to attack the higher levels not the lower levels. If I’m a level 44 and I attacked a level 60 without backup and got 3 flames, I would have to retry until I got 5 flames. If I would have had backup from a level 70 or something then I would have probably gotten 5 flames so I can understand that part.

However, say I attack a level 50 without backup and get 5 flames, is this still fine? Isn’t getting 5 flames most important? Or does everyone including the lower levels need to go for the higher levels on the opposing team?

Why does it matter if a team takes out the higher levels first when a level 200 gets you 5 flames and a level 50 gets you 5 flames? I agree that if you cannot take on a base by yourself, then get backup, but what if you can take a base on by yourself with 5 flames? Then why do I need backup? I just want to make sure I’m being a good team player and have good etiquette during wars.


Ask your team leadership what their expectations for wars are. Some teams expect that you get backup regardless of level, while others expect that people can solo. It varies a lot :slight_smile:

Also, if backup is available, it’s a good idea to take out a higher level target to save easier targets for those without backup.


As Forsci said, ask your leadership. But here’s some reasons why certain things are done a certain way:

Always ask for backup - because there’s always a chance you hit the wrong button, miss a tower etc. If a defender is present then you’ve just gifted your opponents one defence point

Attack higher - because later on in the war, if no backup is available, the solo artist can still clear the base 5 flames because all the smalls are left untouched still

Take out their bigs first - typically at the start of the war, most of your bigs are online (or should be). Therefore it is a good time to take out all the opponent’s bigs. Once those are done, then all your team needs to do is focus on defence.


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