War attacks limit


One man never won a war alone. But with war dragons it’s possible.
It is sad as well when you see a weak team with one high lvl player smashing a decent team. He just follow all his team mates and do the whole work.

I guess setting a limit would make wars more interesting.
Ex: every player could only do one main attack and only 5 times to join his team mates.


If your team defends, you’ll be able to beat the other team on defense points if one guy has to back all his team mates :woman_shrugging: That’s the downside to being the one player carrying the rest of the team.


personally i never had a problem with someone backing the entire team… Just wave them to have lower defense points.

how about a wicked twist to only allowing each person one leading attack… quitting gets you locked in at zero flames with no reruns!!! That would be interesting!!!


Problem is if no one is high enough to beat that high lvl even undefended. Lel.

Maybe hau. :neutral_face:


Ah, well if that’s the case hopefully you have friends in high places (or low ones) — i.e. you’re friends with a big player from elsewhere in the game — who can join your team to beat the base you can’t win.

Some people frown on this practice though and complain about how hiring mercenaries is “unsportsmanlike.” There’s a epic thread in the forums debating this very topic (the thread goes in cricles a lot and doesn’t really come to a conclusion).


yes, get a Ringer :smiley:


I am also not a fan of the war system in this game. Good luck getting support for making any changes to it on the forums.


I like to call it platinum league syndrome, aka relying on one massive teammate to win the war for everyone. I like wars that are much more even with all players backing a few runs rather than having 3 players back 50+% of the runs.

And yes it’s happened to us in D2 as well. And no they didn’t win.


Saph 1. Of the 50 on our team, 18 were backed by 2 players. 23 if you included the third highest backer.

Guess who won?






I think it will be much more fun,if amount of BU will be limited
We had situation,when team have been using same hacked account to back all runs in war (on big bases)
Shouldn’t be possible imo
Will love to see a change in def points as well
1 DP only for successful def
Because it’s doesn’t make sense now
Everyone can press the button to join def
But I think it makes more sense to give dp for actually success with def
Same with war time. I believe,wars can be shorter
I’m from European time zone,and even for me it’s too long
I think 18-20h is pretty much enough to finish war runs for all time zones
Currently war length make it exhausting for defenders

Or,we can have few more different types of wars
A) no def points war
War,where you can’t use backup and where def points won’t be counted
Everyone can chose one base to hit,after first try ,you will be tied to that base
Winner will be chosen,based on summ if flames

B) limited tries war
So it’s same war as we use to have,but each base can be attacked 5 times
If you can’t do it in 5 tries-base will be closed from attacks


You can’t ditch the defence points as a system.

Most wars in S1 up are won and lost on defence points, not flames.

Because of the above, you can’t limit tries on wars.

Alternative Suggestions:
1 - Recruit a big base (near impossible)
2 - Get a big base yourself (almost impossible without vital scaling or a hefty bank balance)
3 - Or just belt up and enjoy the other wars.

Oh, and OP? It sucks but it’s a valid tactic. Still gets used on “smaller” bases in D1-S1, redrian follows gorgonus and obliterates all the things. @mechengg is right though, it’s largely a plat thing. Atlas and higher leagues don’t suffer those tactics well.


The moment when you asked for ember backup, but got Garnet Corthanak instead :roll_eyes:
Plat tier here…

Replying to OP…
I think it hinders team with weird backer to win the war.


I have solution for this as well
Cut personal prizes for lower leagues
So huge spenders won’t sit there anymore and all teams will be equal
Let ppl get all prizes which we all can see opened
But cut all other prizes
Same with Atlas
It will fix “sandbagging” issue (sorry,using this word,since I don’t know any other alternative)

In this case there won’t be any super OP bases in S1
And everyone will be equal


Oooor instead of hurting people from lower leagues, INCREASE prizes for HIGHER leagues, and give people a reason to move up!


I’m nit sure that it’s hurting
Yes.some big guys will move,but they will move from all teams
It means.easier wars for everyone
More points in events for you,because max lvl will be lower and it will be easier to get max possible points
Not that much cheaters(because 50% of tops in low leagues are not legit,and hiding there)
Etc etc
But im sure there will be a lot of mad ppl around,because no one likes to lose teammates,and I know that a lot of big guys are comfy with low leagues
So I’m not gonna bring it to suggestions
At the same time you can’t make everyone happy(


That’s a better idea :joy::joy::joy:


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