War attacks not counting 11/8/17


Seems that a few teams are having issues with war attacks not counting in the flame total. The chat registers the attack as succcesful but no flames are being awarded to team. Thus the flame points are stuck at a stand still. Hopefully this is fixed before war reset otherwise teams flame count is stuck. Is anyone else having the same issue?

Changes to Tower Attack

yes we are having issues also


We are experiencing the same iussue


Getting some attention to this: @PGJared and @Arelyna


It also appears that RSS transfers are not going through, along with War attacks not counting. Side note - Defense points ARE counting though, from what I am being told (have not been able to confirm as the attacks have stopped for the moment).


We have the same problem! We were going to win 2 wars based on defences, but now our several teammates can’t finish the job…
Please repare this urgently.
I can confirm that defence points are counting in.


Yes, my team is experiencing issues as well.


Yup. Same problem.

Really frustrating.


a couple of players on my team have been experiencing this problem. Side note it would be hilarious if the other team lost the war because 95% of the team was having this issue


Yes defense points are registering


:notes:just lose it (agh agh agh yagh):notes:


Wars aren’t counting for us either :weary:


Defense Points are NOT registering. I just defended twice and there was no change to DP.


same issue here😬 war attacks not counting!


Same here, attacks for and against


Our team isn’t having the same issue


We have the same problem


The team is working on resolving this ASAP. Thanks or bearing with us in the meantime!


Same issue here


The issues with war attacks, resource transfers, mines, etc are the key focus of the entire team (other than the art team or other groups that can’t work on a fix for this). We are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.