War attacks not counting.... again


war attacks are currently not counting, hope u fix this asap

War attacks not registering again

Yep my team is having the same issue


Well let’s tag you some people. @Arelyna @PGJared


thank you :+1::v:


Did this just start 1.5h ago, around the time Atlas was taken down, or has it been longer? It was okay last night.


it startet with league shuffle


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have the engineering team looking at this right now. I’ll post an update when this is resolved. Thanks!


pretty bad timing for european people… defenses counted, attacks not… most teammates went to sleep, this server issue will make us loose at least on war… i’m really not amused😬


Caaaaalled it


:joy:at least you made me smile Red, thanks​:kissing_heart:


A war attack just counted for us. 1:49 pm PST


Still not showing for us, we should have 250 flames


Wars are obviously over and the correct flames still not registered. Hopefully this will be adjusted for the completed war.


Not working for our team if they updated to new version


So we lost the war because our war attacks did not count…
PG knew that the problems with war attacks not counting could happen again, but did not disable the wars
It makes no sense playing a game, when only bad luck decides if you loose a war or not!!!
You owe our team at least 16 league points and 177 tokens! But the team declared war on us, so it should be even more…
Support is down so I would really love to get an information how pg wants to resolve this issue


@PGJared please pay some attention


Had to scrap a couple of war because of the issue


Now we are getting this message and on a specific team. All other wars are defendable.


u get this message when u and the attacker have different version, one have the update, the other one not… but i see no update in app store🤷🏻‍♂️


V3.8 is out in some regions