War attacks not registering 11/15/17

Our team was an underdog against a team called DragonRapture. This was the second time they’d attacked us. We let them win the first time as our team was inundated with wars. We’d spent the first two hours just defending to build up our defense points. We painstakingly organized wave attacks to optimize our lead with defense points. We knew this war would come down to defense points.

There was a player, that needed to do his war run named Jesuswolf. Their were only two low level players left as we start with the highest level players first. We did his run perfectly. His flames didn’t register but the other team earned defense points. After the second successful run, I started taking screenshots. We did five attempts with different backers between two different players, losing defense points each attempt. In the end, we would have tied with flames but won by defense points.

Not only did we lose the joy of having won against a Golith but we lost resourses, time, effort, our ranking, our egg tokens, potions, boosts. Because we were underdogs, we were positioned to earn 20 rank points. We lost that!! This really brought down the moral of the team. war_evidence|260x500

We are having the same issue too just today.

I have screenshots but they don’t seem to be displaying. Lets see if this works.

OMG this looks terrible. I hope they fix the issue and don’t count this war against you guys :frowning::astonished:

YIKES!! This happened last week, then again yesterday afternoon!

I was not online when it started working again - however, last week, when I was online when it was fixed, it adjusted itself properly - meaning, the opposing Team did not have all those defense points when everything was ‘back online’.

Well, we just had one of our Team members complete 2 attacks and both counted.

Same thing is happening to us. I’ve backed up 6 runs that all ended in 5 flames. We are going to loose this war because of it… None of them counted. Sent a support ticket and got a stupid response saying please resubmit when v 3.8 goes live and of course 3.8 is already live.

I finally talked to a moderator and he basically told me that the team will try and fix the bug but don’t expect to be compensated for the bug.

Wow they can atleast void the fight. Why do they always think people are looking for a financial compensation. void the freaking war it doesn’t hurt. and it wasn’t a fair war.

Agreed. At least call it a tie and no one wins when you know there’s a bug that glitches up wars. We’re losing a war as well because our team was responsible and updated while the other team has not. It’s demoralizing for the team to keep trying and not getting any flames, just racking up the opponents defense points. We don’t want 1 gold chest and an email saying sorry. We want our ranking points. While I understand there will always be some glitches it seems like war should be nullified in instances like this. Especially as this is the last war allowed prior to league rebalancing after King of the Hill.

You are right! I’m with you 100% on the @PGJared

A moderator, or our support staff?

In other MMOs, support staff is called mods. Sure, support staff! I contacted Support Staff.

Happened twice and right now… you need to look into this.

No worries. I wasn’t trying to be pedantic or anything. It’s just that mods aren’t employees and aren’t really empowered to fix issues like that.

The issue with War Attacks not registering should now be fixed! We’re currently looking into the overall impact and an apology gift will go out later today.

It’s still not fixed currently have 2 wars going on now and 2 attacks didn’t get registered although they finished the base. We repeated the attack again and still didn’t get the flames.

I think we have had a few take a minute or 2 to register.

Nope been an hour, still nothing. Weird things is some register and some don’t.

The apology gift is great and we appreciate it but can you just void all wars during the time period. I don’t know about you guys but I spoke to my team and our ranking points are important to us as a team. Especially since PVP started and there aren’t anymore wars untill after the event@PGJared