War attacks not Registering 11/16/2017


I got an email saying that the issue had been fixed and gifts would be distributed. Yet, It’s happening again. Completed, successful war runs are still not registering. We are currently at war and we just completed successful runs and… NOPE! No flames were added to our score. We are about to loose another war because we can’t legitimately win. And… I’m out of potion because I spent them all backing our players… for nothing. Here’s 300 egg tokens, and 14 boosts and 20 potions that we are giving to everyone… Sorry your team keeps plummeting because you can’t legitimately win a war due to glitches.


Same boat except we will be out of 750 eggs, and havent received any compensation, not to mention we will probably drop out of d1, so thats another 500 eggs/day for a week


Its been about an hour and the wars runs are now counting. We did loose Defense Points. I’m not sure why the fluctuation? Server issues?


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