War bug, flames not credited

We’ve been experiencing mishaps on war runs since we rebanded in February.

War Flames are not being credited, apparently when the action gets hot and heavy and everyone is making their runs, or if multiple people attack the same target. When we start reminding the not so enthusiastic mates to do their run we noticed the uncredited runs. It is a good idea to verify that you get credited for the flames received when you do your attack. Please let leadership know if you notice any issues.

This has happened through 10 wars at least. As a pre emptive mesure we’re tracking participation and credited flames.

Support suggested a troubleshooting steps, but honestly it needs to be escalated.



are multiple people hitting the same target? Or in other words, are people calling their target in chat before going?

We try to call the target in chat, not everyone does it, seems like the runs aren’t getting registered correctly and when a night owl does run, that target looks as available.

So the flames only show once the target has been taken down. So if someone just started the run, the target will look as “available” but if someone else hits it, their run won’t count.

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In theory should be that way, turns out a member went for same target that run was completed with 5 flames previously. It appeared as available to him, don’t know why.

From my experience its just a delay caused by the lead’s connection, or if in case the backer is the one with slow connection and the war run was finished by the backer then itll all caused delay.

Its better to figure out things yourself and determine the issue first if its your connection or not, because unregistered actions in a game are usually caused by slow or intermittent connections.

If the user is a frequent internet user like for browsing and streaming, a slight change in speed , the user can easily know something is up, but then again, internet connection is a very tricky issue, there are couple basic angles to look at, device(phone), app, router, isp, etc.

I dont want to be in depth but i want to give you brief idea to determine problems on your own.


I know one of the many visual glitches is things like flames colored in don’t show up but I honestly thought there was a pop up message too? If so then someone must have been finishing it before the person flew or they stayed in the window so it didn’t refresh perhaps?

We did came across that issue, that’s why we began calling targets in main chat to avoid that situation.

This mate went solo in the wee hours of the morning and target was secured previously at the beginning of the war.

No theory or explanation for that one then. sorry

However, if you are unsure, send a ticket having this message:

Player attacked Player 2, but no flames are showing up on war list. Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about. May I ask if the attack is recorded?

Simple, informative and should let the support investigate this faster.

@Kenshiki already did, gave me steps for troubleshooting, not enough I believe


Because Server WD is maintenance and flames of war delay to count

We are currently in a war that was declared prior to them stopping so I think they only wouldn’t let new wars get declared (the ones that would have started tonight during the treasure hunt).

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