War contributions - has this changed?


Has there been a change to the contributions page in the war menu - that lists which team members haven’t yet got five flames in a current war?

It appears that you don’t appear in the page yourself when you view it, even if you haven’t yet made your war run - i.e. it will only ever list other players. I thought the behaviour used to be that you’d be included in the list, but I don’t have any screenshots to confirm, and I don’t trust my own memory. Has it always worked as it appears to now, or has there been a change?


You will not see yourself on the list, but other teammates will see your name on the list.


I know - but has it always worked like that?


As far as I can remember, yes. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s been unchanged for the 2.5 years I’ve played.


I am pretty sure that you could see yourself in list, as OP suggests… can’t prove it though…


I’d swear I’ve used that list to remind myself which wars I still had to attack in! But I definitely couldn’t do that now.


Don’t you get an exclamation mark next to the war icons that you haven’t flown in yet?


I got confused by this glitch about 9 months ago. I counted those that had not run and multiplied by 5 and added to our score. Got 245. Was bummed we couldn’t 250 until our leader pointed out I had to make my run and I don’t show on my contributions list.


Yes! Thank you, that’s what I must be remembering!


I did literally the same thing and that’s when I spotted I wasn’t in the list! Evidently I’d just never noticed it before. :man_shrugging:

Might be one for the bug-bashing/QoL if it’s a simple fix for a developer to knife off before lunch, but if it’s the way it’s always behaved I can live without it.


Once you know the issue, it isnt a big deal. If we beg for them to fix this, they will screw something else up…like OP ballistas.

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