War crashing game

During my run, mid flight my game crashed and gave the attacker quit sign. I have screenshots of the 2 screens and couldn’t report as my phone froze and I had to restart. Anyone else having these problems during this event?

This should be reported in-game, if it hasn’t been already, so that support can gather phone details. If it’s an older phone, you may want to consider lowering graphics settings as well.

Though it’ll say that, you should be able to tap the square icon in the upper right to access the app switcher, close it from there, and start the app again without restarting the phone. At other times, if the android menu doesn’t come up (bar on the right in the top screenshot), you may need to press and hold the power button to bring it up.

Depending on the phone specs, you’ll also want to look into how much RAM (check max RAM usage, may show up as Memory) and storage are available; those’ll be in settings in the general section. Those can typically be searched for as well, if you don’t know where to find them. Sometimes, the game just hates you at random too :x

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I haven’t had my whole phone crash, but the game crashes out like this a few times a week for me, usually after playing for longer. Basically the game seems to leak memory not like a sieve but like a firehose, and even with a few GB ram you just run out after playing for an hour or two, requiring a restart of the game. For me there are usually some warning signs with the interface responding slower or animations stuttering, meaning I can usually restart the game before it goes down mid-run.

This is very common for Android users. My app crashes at least 5 times a day from just normal use or just because I switch app too much :see_no_evil:

I play on a Sansung tablet, and it keeps crashing every 1 hour or so. The more I use the chat the more often I need to restart the game when it starts severely lagging

Today every battle I join gets unfinished. While the chat notification says it’s a success , due to “The attacker has lost internet connection and therefore the battle cannot continue” I get kicked.

My fate is to loot alone.

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This doesn’t appear to be just an isolated incident. Getting kicked from all war defences right now.

I play on iPad and

This has been happening for past 3-4 days.
And i have given a support ticket. They gave few steps to follow.
But nothing seems to work.

@PGJared I have followed the instructions given by support team and tried on multiple devices. There seems to be some issue. Please follow through whenever you get time. But its been frustrating for last 2-3 days. I can pm support ticket ( it has been answered swiftly but resolution ETA was was not given.

I thought I was the only one :joy:

I asked my teammates and they said that they finished their battles, but they are super laggy. (yes, they still are). And a few hours later I still get kicked from every battle I join.

Comic relief: Loners can progress faster and without connection issues. >>> It’s great that we have 1 month before Valentine’s Day :o)

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I tried but my phone froze and when I returned I support ticket box was gone.

Recently my game has been crashing randomly without a pattern… I could leave the screen, not tap anything and it will crash. I feel your pain :pensive:

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It started happening again today which is after 2 days. Same network lagginess when join or defend. @pgjared please look in to this and I have already ticket open.

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