War declarations on a 49/50 vs 50/50

A friend prompted me about an ongoing argument where their team was declared when they had a man down (empty spot) - 49 members in her team and the team that declared on them had 50members. To be fair the team that declared kicked a person out to give the other team 5 flames “only” to be “even” for the wars.
So the arguement was there is no way possible for the team that declared to make 250 flames. How accurate is this. And if it’s possible to explain why someone please help…

that 1 empty slot will give 5 flame points to the other team for the 250th flame points.

If what you mean is that the 50 member team declared on the 49 member team. To make it fair to the other team, the 50 member team kicked one of their member so that both side can reach 250 flame points (5-5 at the start) correct?

If this is the case, the early win can still happen. Once that 50 member team reaches 250 flame points, they can end the war instantly without waiting.

Only way to counter this would be to have that 49 member team reach 250 flame points first since you did mention that the 50 member team kicked one of their member to have a fair fight.

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The team that declared starts off 5 to 0 flames, bc the 49 team automatically gives them a free 5 flames for being a member down.

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That Lutrus said. For every member absent, a line item at the bottom of the war ledger with “Empty Slot” will appear and 5 war flames beside it

That is neat … you don’t come by that kind of sportsmanship often. Which team was it? :cherry_blossom:

You should consider that leader very very nice lol or must have known he was going to win anyway
Chances are he kicked someone he was going to kick anyway or that the member quit/left…I really doubt any leader with half a brain will kick one of his people to make it “even” lol
And yes it’s very common anytime down even one member expect to have multiple teams declare on you…

And yes they both can reach 250 flames…245 would have been max flames but because they both were a member short they’ll both get 5 extra bonus flames


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