War declared against us during update

We had war declared on us tonight! This isn’t supposed to happen during PG block of wars due to update. Fix this please. @PGDave

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Is it going on now or starting tomorrow?



Starts tomorrow

First off, pgdave deals with atlas and has no bearing on the core game mechanics.
Secondly, if you read the announcement really closely, you’d realize that yes, people are able to declare war tonight, so that war would start tomorrow. The team that declared you was nice enough to give you a 20 hour heads up and both teams will have to update before war starts.
Best of luck!

Edit: dammit forsci!


I miss read it myself then… I thought it was on lock down until after tomorrow thanks for clarifying @Lutrus & @forScience

We have the same problem, friend

Was that just taken, or was that before 7pm EST today?

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