War declared on a team, then players test bases before the War begins

Fairplay and sportsmanship are important in any game. To that end, suggest that once a team has declared War on another, they should be locked out of testing any player’s base on that team & vice-versa, outside of the War Icon. Everyone has 7 attempts. Live with it.

It’s War dragons, don’t hit me outside/before war :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::see_no_evil:


Sorry, but this just doesn’t seem too practical.

All that does is result in people hitting you to test bases, and then declaring war. Which would give an advantage to the declaring team, since they would be the only ones who got an opportunity to practice.

…and I say that as someone who doesn’t bother to “test” bases before wars.


Oh, and while they’re testing, don’t defend. A defended base is completely different from an undefended one…


As is one with buffs for war, I personally get a chuckle when they test a base then fail during the war run with the new system as though a HP increase on the base and a decrease on attack power on your dragon element choice isn’t going to result in a splat :sweat_smile:


So, don’t defend, let them get cocky and smash 'em during the war. Also, not to sound of a strategy testing bases after a war has been declared…




Awww they tested your base? Poor base… There there… :cry::cry:


This made my day… Thank you… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Don’t take that personal, but this is one of the funniest threads on the forum.

You received the most important advice already…simply don’t defend during those test runs. Or join a defense and don’t set any Supershots to make the base even easier. Remember the dragons used to practice, so you can adjust your defense strategy or potentially the Lay-out for the war.

And stop being a Sissie, man up and win your war.



They’re actually helping you by declaring early and making practice runs. I wish teams would do this.

They are making a big mistake by giving you notice of a war. Wars should be declared at the last second.

Don’t defend and get your team all on and watch them die when it counts.

What’s a war? I have a vague recollection, but it’s very fuzzy.


Oh God - another one

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When the war is declared early, testing bases can go both ways. If they’re testing your bases, go ahead and test theirs as well. Both sides are given ample warning to do so in this situation.

It would be different if a team could test bases after the war started without having that count as an attempt :grimacing: but prior to war start I see no issue with the practicing

Edit: I agree with the others, don’t defend the practice runs. Then when the war boost is active plus your defense boosts and super shots you can make it hurt on the bases they think they’re comfortable with.


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