War declared on us


Is it possible for someone to join in a guild and fight in a war after it has been declared on you? If so, could someone please help?!


@Psarus since you’re on, shouldn’t this go in recruitment? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m just asking for basic info.


I think this is similar to this topic.

They can bring a bigger person in to back the attackers, but the new recruit should not be able to get any flames by attacking a base. That has been my experinece when adding players after a war is declared.


Yes it is possible. And no i will not join your team to help (that is what you were asking right?)


Yes, someone can join a war after it has been declared, but he won’t be able to score flames, just help back people who were on the team when the war was declared.
If you have a full team, have an alt or a willing victim do war and get attacked, then kick him and accept the new team member.


Thank you all for the info. Sorry to bother anyone.


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