War Defence and Defence points

I am having a Discussion with my team leader.
I am saying - ( if you are doing a war attack and you fail to get 5 flames,do not quit the battle just because you can’t get them on that run, continue the battle until you run out of Dragons OR until you reach 70% to keep the other team from getting a successful Defence )
My Leader says that I am incorrect…
Can I please get some feedback on this?

You are incorrect. Just joining an attack, whether fail or successful, gives the defender a defense point.


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That’s why it’s better to 5 flames first go or wait until you have a stronger backer

Benefit to quitting the battle means you aren’t locked in to hitting that base again for your war run, unless perhaps your team assigns you targets instead of letting you pick the base on your own. But the defender will still get a defense point whether you quit or not, as others have pointed out. I think the defense gets a defense point even if you 5 flame the base, you just prevent them from earning multiple points for a single base.


By description, Defense Point is obtained when at least a defender join to defend the base…

It’s not by description, just says successful defense in the description, unless you’ve found a different description :eyes:

Maybe the person writing it meant successful connection into the defense :see_no_evil:

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From: https://www.wdgeeks.info/war-basics


Thank you…
It’s confusing because of the terminology ( successful Defence )
I didn’t think you got a ( successful Defence Point ) if you lost the Defence.
They should remove the " successful " part.


Mixed WDGeeks description and game description :sweat_smile:

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I have made that same suggestion before. But PG seems to think that pretty graphics are more important than game play descriptions.

If anything, they should change it to getting a point ONLY for a successful defense. Makes more sense that way than just joining and quitting right away, yet still getting a point.

This this 100000000x this

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I think it says “successful” because you managed to get past all the glitches to make it into the defense :wink:


I think you’re correct, now we need a -
" SUCCESSFULLY " LOGIN TO ATLAS )) Banner, :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

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