War defense points


I would like to have someone please give me exact details on how defense points are both earned and calculated. What I mean is, can someone explain in detail the EXACT way 1 def point is added to the counter. I’ve been playing since mid summer season, and I always thought you receive 1 def point ONLY when your def was successful. But I hear the rules have changed VERY recently. Any info is greatly appreciated. I’d especially like some confirmation from PG on any info supplied, but also not going to throw a fit if they don’t respond at all.


No matter how many defenders in the room (one, two or three), it gives only One point

If the defender(s) stay to defend or just pop in, it counts as one


Join a defense and a point is added regardless of outcome.


When 1, 2, or 3 defenders join a war defense banner their team is awarded 1 defense point.

That is all there is to it. % killed doesn’t matter, dragons used doesn’t matter, duration stayed doesn’t matter.


Man that is retarded. There is no strategy no skill no nothing involved in winning a war except activity (if teams are relative in level)


Yeah but if you got kicked out of the defense due to internet connection issues, it’d suck if you didn’t get that defense point. So they set it so just joining the defense would gain you that point. But if you don’t sucessfully defend the base in question, you’ll probably end up losing on defense points anyway (assuming that is how your war is determined).


@WhiteTigerFang - a friendly reminder to use the search function next time before posting a question as this has been answered multiple times.


I tried search and nothing came up that answered the question I personally had.


The way defense points are assigned has not been changed in a long while. I’ll go find the exact date.

In the meantime - by searching “war defense points” I found more than one thread with an answer to your question. Including the following

EDIT: Also the war defense system has been like this since Fall 2016. See the screenshot below taken from the old forums.


@redraidinghood yes that post would have answered it lol, but when I first searched I did not see that one. But don’t worry I’ll be sure to look a little harder :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, thank you for answering regardless.


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