War dragon fanart! Based on non existent line stickers πŸ˜‚


I tend to mainly post to my teams line chat but I’ll make an exception!

Basically these are made to look like stickers ( like WhatsApp/messenger/LINE) but with war dragons in it!

iPad Pro with Procreate

How I’m realising ( it’s confusing so bear with me ok?):

There are 2 Batches each containing:

20 war dragons stickers split into sets for 4 totaling for 5 uploads per batch and 10 in total!

Batch 1-set 1 ( done )

Batch 1 - set 2 ( done )

I will upload rest later! And if you wanna use designs for anything ( make a real sticker pack from it or something else ) feel free to but notify me first!!
And I really crave real war dragons stickers and plushies now!


I moved it to off topic. Keep up the good work :blush:


Sorry for giving you more work :sweat_smile: and thanks! By the way anybody has requests for a dragon to be a sticker?


batch 1 Set 3 (done)

Batch 1 Set 4

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