War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Update 01-11-2019: So, we combed through this whole thread as well as all 22,000ish feedback tickets from 2018. The list of Player Happiness suggestions is huge, so we narrowed things down to 5 Big Ticket items and 5 Hopefully Easy Win items. We are sending the whole list of suggestions to our team, but we’re highlighting these 10. Here’s what they are:

Big Ticket:

(Player loyalty stuff is already being worked on so is excluded from this list with a note that nothing on this list should remove it.)

  • Fix Expedite Economy
  • Reduce / Remove A/B testing
  • Continue Tier-based Discounting as we roll out new tiers
  • Fix issues with Ryuu (or remove Ryuu if unxfixable)
  • Improve Wildfire Attack / rebalance

Hopefully Easy Win:

  • Fix Elemental Ember Economy
  • Add ability to rename Riders
  • Scale Sigil Prizes and Drops
  • More Fun Branches like Headless Horseman
  • Improve Runic and Silver Chests

Original Post follows:

(Jared note: I’ll populate this with some of the things we’re discussing as we get more firm on them.)

Please discuss the 2019 Player-happiness ideas here and what you’d like to see us develop / work on. For purposes of this discussion, player-happiness initiatives are defined as:

  • Player-Happiness Initiatives

    • Features based on player requests, as well as opportunities we’ve been looking at to add more of what players enjoy most.

You can think of it like “this thing / feature / whatever doesn’t exist in the game and would be cool to have” or “bring back this old aspect of the game”. “Fix this part of the game” is really more quality of life.

War Dragons 2019 Roadmap
War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback
A couple of ideas
A couple of ideas

A fix to the elemental embers shortage or just a elemental embers rework or something


Maybe scale up the sigil prizes and drops to keep up with the increasing season branch cost increase


That sounds like QoL, which I believe you already noted it there.


The headless horseman bonus branch was really cool. I’d love to see more of those.


starts waving a banner for a Nyx portrait branch :rofl:


How do folks feel about adding the raid button back in for events?


Raid button was gone before I started playing. Can you tell us newbies what it did?


I heard everyone loved it but not sure


Replace the water dragon with a gold chest… or really anything as long as it isn’t the water dragon.


Add that. AND the bonus meter, please. Bonus meter was a better incentive to do focused grinding than the wildfire, which also discourages hitting beyond your limits; i.e. a three flame win on a bigger base is non ideal compared to a five flame win on a smaller base. Bonus meter rewards skill and effort better.


Absolutely this!

Also it would be nice if the Wildfire was more rewarding for grinders. Maybe 40 flames instead of 80?


Raid button was great


Just want to point out that:

Bug fix + QoL = Happiness


I know. It’s just easy to think of it like:

Bug-fix = filling a crack in a board with wood putty
QoL = sanding down rough edges
Player-happiness = stain and other finishing touches


Any thoughts or discussion into allowing players to swap out dragon glyphs and runes like we can with tower ones?


In that case I want my own Forum tag pls :grin:

On a more serious (fun) note:

  • ability to change rider skills
  • ability to rename dragons and riders
  • special monuments that OTHERS can see - not just the owner…
  • daily rewards - great initiative, just make sure it is worth it and builds up every consecutive day!
  • base skins - purchaseable?
  • dragon “decorations”


Instead of having to attack a base over and over again you can attack it once, and then press the raid button to gain more points. The raid button would start low energy cost and go up incrementally.


That’s definitely something which can be suggested!


What, uh, what did you have in mind?