War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


128,600 embers per 1-75 DF
104 per gold during fort
1237 gold per 1-75 DF

89 gold per branch X 3 for 267
117 gold for 9/13 possible per week of achievements

384 gold per season

3.22 seasons with only one mythic and nothing else per season, 9 months is the same time to uh… ya

If a base is built the same way they will be same power, just spender will be there in 2 years where grinder is gonna be lots more.


A spender has the resources to build twice the flak towers as a non spender… they buy building resources as well as time/progression.


So in 9 months a person can max (until new tower levels come out) 1 single flack and you are ok with that?


For a top tower that’s 3/4 of a year or less per tower from nothing 1-75 ,that is certainly obtainable. For most top %’s that need lvl 75 towers i’d assume they getting more than just 1 max mythic per season? Which would make it faster.


So in a little over 2 YEARS a person can max the typical 3 flacks (assuming micro set up) never mind the other things they have to do in the game. Lemme ask, how many embers do you have saved up ?


The hoard is on this thread Hoard life comparison


So you have enough embers to max 1 of your flacks in the what, 2 years they have been out? you are absolutely delusional if you think that is a reasonable amount of time. Go back to your complaining about useless warriors bc you obviously have no clue about building a base


1.5 max flaks as a modest player not grinder or spender, if I can obtain them, than anyone can, hence the they are obtainable piece.


I think this should be done as will but I think you should get back wht you put in to them and would be nice over them just take ing up room with haveing to store them but I don’t think you should have to use rabies to do so it should be a free options to recycle Towers and get back what you used on them seeing you did the work to get what you put in to them


*spends 27 months getting necessary embers to take 3 flaks to 75

*passes on token boosts for 9 seasons

*passes on stocking up on epacks/IFs for 9 seasons

*gets removed from all competitive teams for perpetual lack of event performance

*retires as veteran Gold league legend with 3 lvl 75 flaks (which have now been surpassed by lvl 110 flaks which will take another 9 seasons to save for)

Please, tell me more about the obtainable versus the unobtainable…


People needing lvl 75 towers I hope can manage more than only getting one mythic

Would be difficult to manage both, yes

Needs to do well in events to get 9/12 golds in achievements

6, as 3 getting to high level and 3 after 27 months of high level play.

You got 1 out of 5


I’m confused… you have 3 lvl 75 flaks already?

Also we’re talking about progression in general, not your personal stash.

Doesn’t do well in PvP without a stockpile of both.

By your own mathematical examples and explanation, 3 max flaks (again, talking about progression in general and not your progression, because PG doesn’t gauge values or drip rates based on you) is next to impossible without spending, and then it’s still disproportionate to the other rss you pull.

Your move, genius.


Ember, ember…more rewards including this!

I’m full of today unuseful ice and fire shards but always in shortage of ember and at lvl330 that’s a BIG limitation!
I’m always good in every event and able to complete 3 lines each season…but still have only 2 flak maxed and a shitty third… I would like to swap my 100k ice/fire shards with 100k ember :crazy_face:

RAID button and KoH event was still the best pvp in my opinion and I was also loving the short 3-wks cycle of events instead of 4 wks. Less wait to lvl up even if need more speed ups to hatch dragons between 2 breedings.


Yes, 3 flaks gained from the climb to higher levels where you’re getting mythic+ each season and need lvl 75 towers. If flaks came out and you were already at this lvl then yes 27 months, or less as I’ll go more into later, to get 3 maxed flaks.

We are, where’d you get impression we were talking about me except for the question from Bo and response?

In the timeframe of 3 months, ya. If patient for 9 months per it should be easy for those needing lvl 75 towers without spending. I’d figure lots that need lvl 75 towers also spend as endgame is spenders area, so a dime here or there and I’m just guessing on this one but I figure they could get 1 max tower from scratch in 6 months without much trouble or costing an arm and a leg, this would be 18 months per 3 max flaks. I see difficult to obtain best towers, but doable with patience.


From the part where you say you already have 3 max flaks… See, when you’re comparing the value of two different things you need a universal point from which to measure (in this case from a brand new level 1 flak and zero embers).

A span of time within which PG will issue 3 new tower level hikes. Now max towers are lvl 90. How many more embers/months do you need per now?

You understand that the finish line moves further and further away with each 5-level tower increase, but the drop rate of embers remains the same relative to the increase, and proportionally less than all other rss in the game save pearls… right?


Sorry honey, 75 flaks do NOT exist without spending. And if they do get them in the future, it won’t be at a time where 75s are relevant.

I would encourage you to look into the cost analysis @Prometheus has done on towers, it’s still relevant, and that gox has reiterated as tower levels increase pass prometheus’s Ban. Might change your mind about a few things.

For people wondering how to take your opinions (in case they don’t know already), I’d invite them to take a look at your base and know that you’ve been playing for 3 years. This also brings up the topic of the fact that the game punishes player’s playing the longest aka no base mulligan option available.

Anyways, ember economy is important, I’m glad it’s being adressed and remember not to feed trolls.


By then it’ll be new towers and the cycle continues, hey look new shiny lol.

Yes and I hope they looking into evening it out some with the notice it’s on their to do board. But

This should stay as they are best towers. Most the posts are give me give me, not make it right. It’s I don’t have enough, y’all don’t give out any, etc. They clearly give them out or you wouldn’t have any flaks and giving enough is an opinion in to what is enough.

This is what I said about end game and end game is spenders territory.

Gameplay is important so glad it’s being looked into as well, never said not to. Only stated false wordings of others that they don’t get embers, or enough (opinion), etc. Most posts might not mean give me give me, but if you don’t get that vibe from most of them then your not reading them. I’ll look for the cost analysis.


Yeah, you don’t get it…


I enjoy talking about a competitive game with folks who have at least 1 attempt at a competitive bone in their body. You sir are 206 short.

My Pathox literally just flew through your base without firing a single shot. 0%. And didn’t die. :sunglasses:


Ya max Obsidian lvl 38 highly geared, I assume highly from what you’ve talked about, boosted Pathox vs a base built from a lvl 42, lvl 124 player, storage hut, with edit: minimal gear/runes (on top of that the lightnings ,where near half the damage came from, is low damage of what it should be SS wise because of the runes not boosting and PG looking into it)?

I hope you feel strong