War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Wow, that sucks man. Is it something to do with her phone?
I just got my fiance a new phone yesterday. The last smartphone I got her she dropped and cracked the screen making it go black. We didn’t have insurance on it so I had to save up to get her a new one. She has neuropathy so she is very prone to dropping stuff…
But now I got the best OtterBox phone case and screen protector Verizon offers for her phone and full coverage/insurance on every phone on my plan.


Don’t think phone as no other problems with it besides WD. We tried everything from memory to low graphics, nothing. Guess we :crossed_fingers:the next phone in a year or so is better.


Just a suggestion, I have no clue what’s going on with her phone but I thought it might be important to mention on my old phone which had tones of problems, I tried lowering graphics on the old one and it still had issues,like game crashes and sync errors and lag.
But when I got a better phone with better internals all of that fixed and I’m able to play on max settings with zero issues. It’s like a completely different game when going from low settings to max.


My biggest suggestion for Player Happiness is to stop doing A/B Testing on things that give a severely unfair advantage. For instance: The “special pack” only to random players that includes 15k rubies (and other things) for $19.99 US with a 10 purchase limit.

Right!! I mean it’s kinda crazy…
200.00 gets me either 70k rubies…or…
200.00 could" get me… 150k rubies…
That is just a insane amount of difference… and a lot…of progression…

Quoted from another thread Dear PG - You gave me the discount, now I won't pay for regular and brought up excessively in the Special pack not to everyone?.

I just think these “special packs” should be available across the board and then track who buys them. Daily offers can be different and unique, its a one time purchase, and if its a rotational then everyone will get a good offer eventually, but it needs to be more fair across the board with available packs IMO.


I would like to be able to fully level up your all of your rider’s skills.


oh yeah, make team quests suck less in terms of how much busywork it is relative to payoff :smiley:


God yes… when going for the level 10 chest I can put in upwards of 2 hours a day helping teammates with quests… the time payout ratio is definitely out of wack.


I definitely agree something needs to change here. I’m sitting on 155,000 ice shards and 143,000 fire shards. I have more pearls and embers than I’ll probably need as well, but the point is there should be some flexibility here. A market place perhaps where you can exchange things you don’t want for things you do. Even if it’s not a perfect 1:1 ratio in value. I’ve paid good money for thousands of shards I’ll never use. I know the creators might read that and giggle all the way to the bank, but each time I open a chest to see fire or ice shards I feel ripped off.


Part of providing consistent value is reducing the forms of currency. Tower upgrades need to have one consistent currency.


I would definitely like a system where we could exchange resources for desired resources.
I’d even be willing to only get 60% back on Wood for Food.

For Ice shards to Fire shards I’d be ok with 60-100% return.

For wood/food/gold for embers I’d be ok with 25-50%

Trades of equal value like Wood for food or ice for fire should be higher return.

Do you think this is a fair assumption?
200k wood = 1k embers
5k rubies = 1-2k embers?

I don’t know where to value ice and fire shards other than fort event points. It’s about 20k points = 1000 fire shards I think but may be mistaken. I remember embers and shards giving the same amount of points???

Disclaimer: these values are all inaccurate or mostly inaccurate and I’m just using them as an example!


Like removing ice and fire shards and replacing them with embers to upgrade both turrets and flak’s?
Replacing turrets and flak’s rss and making all have the same new currency? Like Elemental Shards


I’m good with either honestly, new towers are coming out in 2019 after all and I really do not want to see yet another currency for those…



I agree, I’m having a hard time getting enough embers and shards for my towers as it is let alone another separate one. It’s bad enough we will have to build and store old towers.
It will be a slap in the face if we have to accumulate new currency for em too.

Let’s hope they don’t make previous towers completely obsolete maybe just 2 more towers which compliment what is already available?

I know some high levels have too many of one type and wish to exchange which I’m all for.


What I have done us taken advice from several members on here and focused on my Dark Flak only until it’s maxed out for my level after that happens and somehow I get a good luck streak with drops I’ll dump some into my Ice Flak and then into my Fire Flak but I doubt I’ll have enough for more than 2 flaks. I’m extremely short on Ice shards ATM. The only ones I’m getting in season prizes are fire shards.


There is money in new towers, and I am totally okay with that. However what I find hard to digest is that players have zero recourse to fix mistakes and that longer you have been a player the less relevant a lot of your items tend to be.

One currency and a way to help players stay relevant is an extremely important initiative that PG can make to improve game play across the board and should be addressed with the changes they are making to address progression.


Definitely agree. Way too many forms of currency already. Introducing any more would be a mistake. Rubies, Diamonds, Fire shards, Ice shards, Embers, Food, Lumber, Pearls, and a partridge on the bloody pear tree…


If you don’t spend you will typically only have enough shards to maintain two flaks. Maxing your kill island is a good step.


…and if you DO spend, you should have some input into what you’re paying for.


Yeah I’m E2P but basically F2p
I don’t buy Atlas Elite only normal side.
I only spend $5/Month in this game and no more than that.


Can we please remove the defending info from the battle chat??!!
Frustrating trying to advise the attacking player when it has spam from active defender.
Considering the effects on towers from the defender/s can been seen by attacking players…