War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Just want to enjoy the game without bs.


You want us happy? Dump the mega coin and bring back meter! Nothing like spending hours strategizing only to have monument taken by megas. Should money get you to the top faster? Absolutely! Should money let you win events? No! Strategy and teamwork should!
End rant :grimacing:


How about displaying a list of past 20 attacks on your base in replay menu so we can cycle through and choose who to revenge attack?
Currently I can only attack the last person to attack my base and the raid notification on base disappears after it closes and only allows you to revenge one of the many players who attacked you.
We should be able to attack all recent raiders.
Last 20 raiders that hit your base should stay in the log even after attacking one of them or closing the black box on base. At least make a replay menu ledger so we can look at them whenever we want and attack them when we want. This would also serve to log who hit us and how many times, what teams ect.


Is this an android issue? I can see the last ten attackers on iOS.


Really I’m on Android? I’m not sure cuz I’ve never asked anyone on Android. My entire team yses iPhones and iPads


When you close it from base can you see all ten in your email replay button?


Close it? I don’t know what you mean. But in any event, I can see multiple replays (just counted, it’s 8, not 10, whoops!). I have a vague recollection of this complaint before, which is why I think it’s an android issue that ought to be fixed at some point if possible.


This is the issue I have been trying to get fixed for more than a month. iOS


After clicking black box on base and revenging one of the 5-8 last attackers I go into email to replay button which only let’s me attack last attackers over and over and never changes until I get attacked again.

So if I log off and get attacked 5 times I’ll only be able to attack last one in replay menu. But if I use black box on base I have 1 chance to attack 1/5 that attacked me because that black box closes after the one view/revenge then it’s only the rnail option from then on and it only let’s me attack last attacker.


So I am curious as to the point of making yet another massive thread about what could be better and improved and then none of it is. At least nothing in a tangible or sustainable manner. So, how is this thread and initiative any different than the dozens/hundreds of other things. I feel like this is almost insulting that after 3 years of people essentially telling you on an almost daily basis what the issues are AND sometimes a solution, suddenly you have had some sort of epiphany and suddenly is ready to listen and be reasonable.

This is likely yet another PR stunt to seem engaged and caring and then will likely have almost no discernible change. But, instead…lets just chat about it and act like all these amazing things are going to happen haha.


Some good ideas here. Obvious ones like bring back raid button and bonus meter are no brainers. Reward the active players!

The pits are a dollars game. Mega coins need a major rework for all applicable events. Kingdom Wars is far too dependent on map placement. KOTH/ToW were more strategic and balanced.

That said, I’d like to propose a different (or expanded) concept.

For player happiness and true growth, you need to reward the best FLYERS. Test their actual roster/abilities. You have delved into this with guardians in Temple Raid. The tier caps are lame, but at least you are testing skill and game progression.

I propose taking it further. How about a similar concept, but utilize an event long ladder structure:

-Your team has the opportunity to reach a guardian style “reward” dungeon once daily. If they miss it, tough luck.
-Upon arrival the player has 5 progressively difficult bases based solely on their tier.

  • Tower levels coincide with tier minimum building level for max dragon level of the tier.
  • If you cant code for player caps then allow the flyer to pick their own path - risk/reward.

-You only have one attempt per base.
-After completing the trials, rewards are based on flames. Bronze: 15-19 flames. Silver: 20-24 flames. Gold: 25 flames. (Gold better bring some badass rewards if you make these bases at the difficulty level I’m talking about).
-Following completion of the “reward” dungeon you advance to the next stage of the ladder. If you fail to average three stars minimum (15 flames) you fall down a rung of the ladder.

At the end of the event only a handful of players should be at the top rung of the ladder. Build the bases so 1% (if any) of players max 25 flames per day, over the 5 days. 2-3% Silver. 5-6% Bronze. By the end of the event you hit 10% of flyers reaching the top. 20% second rung, etc. etc.

So ya, this is a totally off-the-cuff example of a potential option to accomplish what I’m talking about. But the point should be clear. If a player is more talented flyer and has a better roster than the collective group; they deserve the rewards/accolades/bragging rights that come with winning this style of event.

In my humble opinion, if you really want player happiness, embrace principles like these rather than drone-like repetition with zero strategy.


Right. I go into my email replay. I don’t even bother to click the ones on the base most of the time as the last eight will be available in the replays. :v:


Yeah I don’t have that, just the 1 and if I see more than one and revenge all but last one dissapears


@PGJared All I want to make me happy is team chat in the PvP event screen. It would make our lives much easier to coordinate attacks and do back-ups, or to change plans of attack on the fly.

Instead of having to go back to your base screen to see who needs what. Then go back to the event’s screen.


I miss the old event such as the pvp with the different level of castles. Could only hold four castles at a time and the bonus meter. Gone blank on the name of the event. Barricades was used to help boost points. Would be good to see that event again. Miss that one a lot


Most of the things i want to list are already told by most of the community but one thing i would love to see is that gold in atlas riders lines should be pack of gold like 5×2M gold pack which we can use it efficiently rather than wasting 5M out of 10M coz of less storage…thnx


Can you please allow players to view their own base from attack screen… can view teammates but not attack them, it could be the same for if a user wanted to see what their base looks like to other players attacking them.

Also, need research to improve existing towers or at least some kind of new feature that offers a variety of special abilities/ buffs to be unlocked/ enhanced.


Honestly I want to fly my own base


Add an button to let us remove our runes from Dragons! We can remove them from towers, we want it for dragons too!


It is purposeful that you cannot remove them from dragons, pumpkin. $$$$$