War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


It would be nice to have “select” button for atlas gear in gear tab, so we can salvage multiply at once, once at the time is so annoying considering that most of us have million common pieces :joy: I do appologize if someone mentioned this already (didnt read all).


Still, folks should be bold about what they request. Maybe it’ll happen! Our goal is to heavily push for the most-requested things as well as low-hanging fruit that can get us some wins.


So can we pull up archived threads from the requests section of the old forum then? The ones where we were flat out told “no” to?


Give everyone better packs… 99$ packs should have double the rubies as well as having the other items adjusted accordingly… I’m sure this idea will get a lot of likes dream big right?


Yeah, absolutely. Go ahead and suggest stuff we said no to in the past. This is the perfect time to re-assess those things.


starts to steal data from old forums


I also want to know THE answer to get POG. Never got an answer in the past. Tell me, and make me happy.


So all I need to do is spam 500 requests for more Chunk and it’ll happen? Awesome to know


How about start new divines at green tier or so to make it easier to complete dragon lines/chapters or whatever you want to refer to their pages and lines as. Seems like the cost of dragons is a little steep and with new stones being released as often as they are it will soon make it harder for (free to play)players to be able to even compete anymore. Just a thought.
Edit: or reduce the sigil cost of dragons which I don’t see happening.


Since you said Dream Big @PGJared

If I could pick one random thing to add to this game that I think would make it awesome… it would be this. I know there are errors and issues and walls we want fixed, but just a random little thing that would make this game a little more fun, I would vote for this.


Now your asking for too much…smh :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:


Allowing people to get limited time collectors items would literally be the straw that breaks my back. No. If PG is so dumb to add that, they will have done literally everything to show they don’t give a flying crap about the loyal players who have been playing for years.


Do something about 300 Wall. Bug fixing Lag better PvP.


Idk I understand both sides of this. I think if its a level 1 unplayable dragon just to “collect them all” kind of mentality I could be okay with it. I have divines and mythics from previous seasons and I would never want someone to get a “fully evolved with all the stones” kind of thing, but I guess I don’t see the harm in level one versions for collectors.

I just hate having all the black portraits just because I was incapable of obtaining them (before I played the game).


Why Requirement in Teams Achievement to gotting 1.2 sigils (Fortifications Event) is 1M again? Not 750K


Because we are back on the four-week cadence, all prize tiers are back to normal. Also really not the thread for it.


Hmmm its not fair :’( and Not Player Happiness again


It is actually very fair. And some players will never be happy…


Yeah thats true. Change the topic to “2019 is No More Players Happiness” lol :smile:


Because those old dragons are near useless anyway (as much as I love my Dima). The only value they have to old players is as a collectors item. I would much rather people have the ability to “hide” unavailable dragons.