War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Timer fairy I can beat up for more timers non stop :grin:


In that case, I add my vote to being able to reclaim R&G from dragons also!

  1. Revamp kingdom wars to be more like conquer the world so we have many teams we can steal from instead of just 2 or 3.
  2. I do miss the raid button and KoH. Maybe create a similar event to that as I know it’s old code and no longer an option.
  3. Allow us to set alliance chat as the default so we don’t see League chat unless we choose to
  4. Add @ to league chat
  5. Remove defense announcements from attack chat. We don’t need to know buildings powered or buildings healed, we need to see what our teammate has written. We can see boosts being applied.
  6. Love the idea of defenders being able to see tower levels to more effectively defend.
  7. Add xp bases similar to invader bases in regular game so players without atlas can still get max xp for their dragons.
  8. Allow us to fuse runes if we want. Ex. Fuse 10 common runes into a common rune and it becomes rare. Fuse 20 rare runes into a rare rune and it becomes epic, Fuse 50 epic runes into another epic rune and it becomes legendary.
  9. Retool the daily prize to be progressively better the 3rd and 4th week with day 30 being a legendary gift.
  10. What would be really cool is another island layout. Players could choose between 2 or 3 layouts so we aren’t always flying the same path. Not sure if that’s doable but it would be a cool change.

My team has no issue with rss transfers showing in chat as I turn them off except for build and feed events. I’m not sure if people know leaders can turn them off. I’ve found the separate chats not helpful as there’s still no way to choose which chat you want showing and there’s no notification if there’s new chats or not. Scrolling through each chat every few attacks is something I just won’t do. It annoys me enough that I have to stop and select team chat to see if my team needs help.


I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this yet… not going through 500+ replies. But i would like where we can send each other “gifts” for like $5 to each other. I liked it when I can give my team mates a little stocking stuffer or valentine like we did last year.


They’ve already said that Apple/Google wont let them do that. It allows people to avoid paying the exchange fees which Apple/Google doesnt like


Punish. Obliterate. Giggle. What’s not to understand?


Red would do anything for love, but she won’t do that


I am sure I will get booed on this but please clean up League Chat, and the filthy names of teams and some of the players. They get reported and months later they still have the same icky names or innuendos to names, Players talk so filthy in League Chat no one but the ones who talk that way go into league chat. Bullying goes on. The is supposedly 13 year old players on this game. Is this what they should be seeing?

Reporting has done nothing for it. Filters are fine, blocking is fine but if you are going to let it continue then give me a block a whole team button because it gets ridiculous.


For goodness sake, can we have a refresh icon with random matching? Either tell me how I can refresh/change these without exiting that screen or please put it in there!

What I really hate during Fortification is a whole bunch of bases with 2k lumber and having to exit back to base just to hit :crossed_swords: that little battle icon again just to have another look n see if anything better shows up this time. At about that spot I either keep cycling in the same manner or I decide now is not a good time to play and that I should come back later.

Not very encouraging. Feels the same if I log in to do some x p runs whenever, if I outgrow an xp base or if I really want to test myself against a random defend. I can’t do the mindless robot thing… must log out… whatever the reason people still use random match - event etc, I find this a major pain in the ass


There’s a refresh button at the bottom of the list ? :eyes:


That one just gives me the same ones


You must be a very special cookie, it works just fine for literally everyone else.


lol that’s funny.

I’m thinking maybe I need to level up more and there’s too many inactives at my level.

Maybe that makes me special too lol


That’s… unique, never heard of this glitch. Could you please provide screenshots from different times or days? :thinking:

What’s your level btw?


I’m less than level 50… think maybe heaps of levels below that… heaps and heaps.

You want me to flood this with post with lots of shots from different times and days?

Will survey this and take screen shots over the next few weeks if you like and if I remember to photograph this aweosme movements for you… but you might need to remind me as I don’t think I’ll be taking screenshots 20 odd times a day. Over a few weeks I’m bound to pick a few up though. I still think it’s my level…


No need to be offensive to someone who tries to help :smile: just tell if you don’t want help, no need to grumble.
No i don’t need hundreds of pics, I just wanted couple of shots over an hour or less. Showing the part of middle-bottom part of players list preferably.


That’s a glitch, not your level. Report that to PG.


Thanks Red. Will see how I go.

Also… Do you know why I can only copy and paste from some posts and not others? Have been trying to copy and paste coding from a previous topic answered so our wiki could include your breeding guide. Not sure if I can’t because the post is closed or what. The team asked PG what we were doing wrong because we just wanted to copy and paste coding from a forum post and they sent us a web link for ‘known bug issues’ and said it was a know wiki issue :pensive:

I was asking about the forums… what is everyone else doing?


I’ll PM you


I have the same problem. Sometimes I can, other times I can’t.:man_shrugging:t3: It’s a bit frustrating.