War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


I dont think it is said enough times

Please make a room for rss transfers, tc is useless now being fort and next probably feeding

My words of wisdom get lost so easily


So…out of curiosity, you say this like its a new thing. So basically the game came out roughly 4 years ago and the supposedly you now care about Player Happiness, it took you 4 years to get there???

  • Add dragon roster page to be viewed in atlas as well as gear page and runes

War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion

I think joining a team member in attacking a poacher or goldmine should reward some gold loot, just like a normal raid


Weekly raid mission and elite gear rewards for weekly completion. Give us a raid boss every week to kill as a team or some sort of weekly mission objective. Massive monster with lots of health in atlas to kill as a team anyone? :wink:


That’s been on other games and it seems like a good idea to make Atlas more… fun

  • More ways to get embers and pearls - maybe add to prizes like craft shards on atlas
  • Choose between male/female portrait on a dragon line
  • Revile all season dragons on start of season - don’t let us get them but show them so we can decide on half price
  • Test new dragons - something like the water dragon
  • Replace water dragon with a good dragon / some kind of prize maybe gold chests
  • Combine feeding and breeding event
  • Get gold from backing a teammate on poacher
  • Combine atlas and game elite
  • New events
  • Get the chat better - more room on groups, make more than 1 manager, make a “team chat” like the alliance chat that a leader can create and will auto add and remove people- only team people… auto chats for team for war/resources/atlas(can be thrned on and off by leader) that way all notifications of that subject will be in that chat like runs won, ress tranferer…
  • Requirements chats that can be turned on and off from player settings, by leagues.
  • Copy from chat
  • Notifications when u r tagged when u r in game (while the out game notifications turned off)


Emojis for Android 9


There’s one flaw with your idea about the water dragon being replaced. The code for it is so embedded and mixed up that that no one(even the top programmers at PG right now) can modify a tiny bit without messing up other things in the game’s code infrastructure


Oh heck no! On paper this vaguely sounds like a good idea. But in reality? In feeding events, food vanishes in the first 15 to 30 minutes of the event and doesn’t bounce back properly until a few days after the end of the event. Combine a lack of food with players who are trying to breed multiple dragons, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.


Yeah but if u have them together it will be every 4 weeks so there won’t be so much dragons to train every time so more food out there…


Lol thats harsh… well it’s the less important thing of all the things i can handle the stupid water dragon


And that is halting player’s progress, especially one with continuous breeding (breed - train - breed)


I feed my good dragons when they are ready to train :woman_shrugging: I only starve dragons that aren’t worthy of feeding (once they’ve reached breeding age, of course). I do try to remember to feed them during feeding events, but most of the time I just end up feeding perch dragons.

The whole idea of starving dragons simply to have better points during feeding events is the number one reason why I think the feeding event should be deleted and never run again. @TheRedDelilah has an excellent suggestion for an xp based event that would be much better and it wouldn’t ingrain bad habbits into players, plus it wouldn’t cause the entire food economy to crash for 10 days (or longer).


That suggestion (xp event) is much better than barely fixing player’s bad habit and food economy.
It also save more rubies / speedups (due to heal potion problem).
reply to @SassyLadyA
sorry Liz…


Now, imagine fortification and then feeding. When you do fort, the way to get lumber is to attack others. And you get food along with lumber. Then feeding, more attack getting food… And lumber with it. And then breeding. More food needed.
That pace (fort, feed, breed) is basically a month of rss nightmare

Next event? PvP or Breeding

be able to reorder group chats, obviously probably not going to happen due to priority but why not :woman_shrugging:


I would love that feature back! As well as bring KOTH back literally the best PVP event.


Resetting the rider skill trees would be something that would be extremely useful. I would even be willing to spend rubies on this. Primarily it would allow us to fix mistakes we’ve made, but it would also allow us to retool a rider once we have evolved to a new tier of dragons. Example: The dragon I have it on has dark flak resist, but the new one I want to put it on has fire flak resist. I’ve seen it brought up once or twice before so I know I’m not the only one, but this thread is getting a bit lengthy, and it’s hard for me to see if it was suggested here already.


Introducing the Dragon Games as an event again.