War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Who/what is TL3?


It was a thing on the forums for a brief time that is non-PG employees could earn. It gave those who earned it access to a secret section. Basically it was this:

But some people got bent out of shape that their forum post titles got changed (most notoriously the thread about hiring war mercenaries. It used to be called something else but I don’t recall what). So PGJared had to make Trust level 3 basically utterly impossible to obtain without being granted it (if you were an employee).


It would be cool to add an armor destroy button so that you can remove the armor from a rider without having to pay rubies to remove them.

P.s. this was someone else’s idea on another forum, but it’s a good idea.


I didn’t see the xp suggestion so idk about that… but having feeding every 3 month is what causing the problem is way too long… if we do it every 4 weeks people won’t have 20 dragons with 20 levels to feed so all will be good…
I don’t think it should be deleted it’s a free points event only problems with it it’s not on schedule and not happening too frequently but well I’m open to new event suggestions just didn’t see the xp suggestion :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’m pretty sure there is one…


It gave people a degree of power that wasn’t really desired. I liked the secret clubhouse, but the “junior mod” powers it gave were a bit too much.


I think you can’t salvage armor without removing them…


Well, you can’t salvage, but can simply destroy it without shards being returned, by equipping new gear above old. Harsh method but if you simply don’t want to use rubies at all, that works.


Only if the new gear is of the same element though, if you want to switch elements you will have to pay rubies for removal.


Ah, okay. Got it


Maybe you guys could lessen the amount of power given in the position. Also, would their another way to obtain it besides having to be an employee?


They can’t really restrict what goes into TL3 (they did ask the people who run the discourse platform that the forum uses but it was a no-go) :woman_shrugging: So Jared and the rest didn’t have much choice other than to make it impossible to get TL3. (I’m not even sure what requirements you’d have to do to unlock it now…)


These may have already been listed, but wanted to post rather than like.

  1. Allow us to change / switch out dragon runes / glyphs to other dragons
  2. Allow us to recycle old towers and drop our level when we do. Not sure how that would affect other aspects of game, such as breeding, etc… but many of us made mistakes early on and continue to suffer
  3. Fix the lag time in atlas. For real. It’s killing me
  4. Add a “claim all” button for atlas chests (see #3)
  5. More speed ups, or increase lumber needed and less time to complete. You’re getting ridiculous with all that
  6. Dragons should be able to use any add-on spell. Just sayin’
  7. It’d be cool to craft our own runes or glyphs based on what we need. We could use rune dust to do so…
  8. Allow us to change choices in rider tree.
  9. Add “salvage multiple” in gear crafting

I appreciate all that your team has done in listening to all the complaining. Most of the changes I’ve seen because of it have been pretty decent.


Recycle but not change player level, I’m down for.

This can’t be done. For instance, the chill spell on Pathox uses the same base code as freeze. This would unfortunately likely break the game I believe they said.

Rest of your post is solid. I’d like to see most of this


Ohhh i never tried it just assumed it will destroy it :woman_facepalming:t3: Than yeah it’s very good idea need a destroy button


You can destroy the already equipped armor just my equipping a different piece of armor in its spot


Only works if it is the same element. Means that we cannot change “rider’s element” without spending rubies.



Player happiness? Let’s start with the only 2 things that have been launched so far.

  1. Daily login

The prizes are seriously lacking

  1. Daily pack offers

I thought these were supposed to be based on player needs and were supposed to something g that would encourage us to spend. The deals are ALWAYS WORSE then the regular packs and as far as being based on player needs:


Seriously… Does it look like I need tokens?

So no… I’m not happy, but I want to be and want to believe that player happiness is important to PG. Please make these daily packs actually something special. Something worth spending money on. Why would a level 550 ever want to spend money on 500 tokens?


Everyone is getting all excited and making requests but just keep in mind it’s like getting wishes from a Genie. It might not always be fulfilled in the way you had in mind. You wanted more embers? Wish granted! Just check in every day for 23 days and you’ll earn 15 of them. Yay!


At this point it would be nice to see the compiled list as PG has interpreted it. Just the list as presented, not what they have chosen to work on.