War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Well, could definitely start with relevant glyphs and runes. I mean seriously, a Legendary that starts at a measly +1.0% HP and to top it off with a Cannon Tower resist which is near obsolete two groupings ago? Original Towers -> Turrets -> Flaks

Or to get benefit of both, really only applicable for old devines or lineage.

Come on.


Ability to change team names


So Much THIS - Timer conversion right in the use speedups page.

Trying t ok use up 1500 1 min timers is a HUGE pain in the A


I don’t see that option anywhere when I click on the rider and go through the gear section.


Its called the Salvage button. See it on the bottom right?


My team has been organizing the requests into a spreadsheet, but a lot of folks are still on holiday. I’ll try to have something for early next week though.


You actually can’t salvage armor off of a rider. You need to spend rubies to unequip it first. Try it!


Don’t have anything I’d want to salvage :joy: I’ll try with an alt later


Ah well just found no more elite for rubies.

Standard bad attitude of never telling players directly. Could have given up a year ago it seems.

Player happiness what a joke.

Game over.

Happiness is now non player shaped.


If the problem are rubies, it would be enough to triple (or even more) the cost necessary to remove a single Rune//Glyph.


Just craft one you will more than likely get common or rare gear from it then you can test the theory.

I know from personal experience you can destroy gear by replacing it with better gear of same type ( helm for helm) and element ( Ice for Ice).
But we have to pay 50 rubies for each gear piece we want to remove that is of a different element than the one we want to replace it with.
For example: if I want to put a Dark element Legendary Helm on a rider currently with a Fire Element Epic Helm I have to pay 50 rubies to remove the one equipped to rider.but I can avoid paying 400 rubies for all 8 peices if I want to use the Rider on same element type and Battle/Defense type.


The point was from a rider. All my riders have good gear on them and I honestly don’t care enough to try this.


Well in that case that’s fine, I understand since you have Elite and legendary gear in all your riders and I’m sure you have plenty of riders to use for whatever dragon you want.

Do you have a rider for every element both Battle gear and defensive gear?


Attack probably. Defensive mostly ice but have been working on earth. It’s expensive to level multiple sets, especially same element for two sets.


:thinking: Is this with 2nd wave/festive in mind?


It was me saying why I don’t have a full elemental set for defensive


Oops, my bad :see_no_evil:
Thought that it means 2 sets of offensive gears with same element…


I didn’t read through all the responses, but here are a few items that come to mind:

  1. Bring back raid option and bonus meter.
  2. Allow for Silver chest glitch. It was nice getting a guaranteed legendary or mythic every pvp event.
  3. Allow swapping of runes and glyphs for dragons even if it costs rubies.
  4. Scaling to your level for points in PVp events vs the current which is based on attackee’s order of strength. I.e., attacking a 350 on any team should yield same points for a player.
  5. Make atlas elite purchasable for 3, 6 or even 12 months.
  6. Bring back red evelope purchases. Nice to allow lower levels a chance at mythic.
  7. Make regen rate for troops higher for defense.
  8. Add chat field to pvp screen so we can follow chat without getting out of pvp event.
  9. Improve atlas maps. It would be nice to be able to see own castles and allies’ castles more predominately on atlas map when zoomed out. Sometimes it’s hard to find closest castles.

  1. Add a report player option for cheats. That would help make it easier to report cheaters in game.
  2. Make swap dragons sortable by ascending or descending. Hate scrolling down the whole list if I need to find a dragon.
  3. Set up a compare riders screen so we can see all rider stats for our equipped and trained riders.


Why use “->”? I assume that means “not as good as”? You know reversing the symbol means the same thing “<“ or just reverse the order. Sorry out of everything in here that I could Comment on I’m not sure why this caught my eye the most :joy: