War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


I think a inventory bag would be cool where you can see all currencies and timers and total amount of time that you with all timers


Could you maybe have it so Island boosts can be toggled on or off and use boosts every 6 hours while on. It’s annoying having to tab them full every 2 weeks.


Those are just arrows :joy:


They are meant to be arrows quicker than looking up the graphic. Just showing the progression.

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Translation from Portuguese in another post. Here @ikkidf is suggestion to limit number of wars to 1. Once two teams are engaged in a war, they can’t declare or be attacked by other teams (none of the two engaged). Effective limit of 1 war at any given time.
Just translating, irrespective of my personal view


Best to leave that untranslated


Yeah, no… I enjoyed winning 3 wars that we’re declared on us at once.


Ditto on the raid button and bonus meter. This would really help to alleviate the grind in PVP events.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this thread! Also, just a reminder to keep this on topic. Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet, the Holidays impacted our availability.

Yes, we realize that these have been done before and the skepticism around these. Everything in this thread has been collected and people on the team are working through what can be reasonably done and what cannot. We don’t have any concrete information just yet as to what will be worked on.


That doesn’t answer the question of what makes this time any different than the last time. All that has happened is talk. That’s all that has ever happened. That is why the player base is so skeptical when you tell us changes are coming. Nothing has changed in 3 years so why would it change now? What has changed? Without an answer to this everything that is put out is platitudes that appear to be just appeasement of the most vocal critics and not a real improvement to the game.


I have had some of my team members suggest that there should be a place to store rss in atlas, similar to how teams can store gold for the team.


You can though?


I agree but not 1 maybe 4(2 can be declared on u and 2 u can declare on others) that way an entire league can’t focus only on 1 poor team.


But why?


Automatic Troop Training and redeem , for a cost of atlas Rubies. lets say 2k Rubies per day?


Feature to display or hide your defense power from players.

To be able to view your own defense power on attack view. No need to ask someone to look it up for you.


Ratings ++ or – on all events (not atlas). Keep the essence of War dragons. WAR!!!

Give extra tag or some logo on avatar to top 1 ,2 , 3-5, 6-10 players of each team for non atlas events.

Would be really really nice. This can also drive individual performance of teammates especially those who enjoys little things like that. Gives players pride aswell. <3


So, I shot this before I used my food, so don’t waste your time looking me up!:rofl::rofl:

But how about increasing protected rss when boosted from about 25% to something more like 40%. This is a little ridiculous.


You can? We are new to atlas.


If your team owns a castle, you can store food, wood, and gold in the bank.