War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


We do not own a castle yet but have been trying to work something out so that we can get one. We knew about the gold but not the resources. Thank you so so much for your response


I miss the POWER! :muscle:


How about letting us spend our Atlas season badges that we are still able to get. Why turn off the ability to spend and not the ability to earn?

You always leave up the chance to spend sigils on prizes a while at the end of the regular season, why not Atlas?


Yeah I got caught out by that as well this season, 22k badges lost :sob:


May Be interesting to add rubies and eggs sharing :grin:


That just opens the doors for hackers and cheaters to pass rubies to teammates… no thanks


Oh no! I didn’t even have enough badges left to get even one prize on a line I hadn’t started and was at the point where I didn’t want to kill more troops, so fortunately, it worked out for me.


Actually, how about just making it so that the RSS boosts actually work so that when they are on it doesn’t look like there is food or wood available at that base?

Not only is it annoying that a decent portion of the “Zero RSS” attacks you make are due to this, but I hate the fact that I get attacked when all my food and wood are protected (because they are falsely showing available) but then my gold gets stolen. :angry:


IMagine that one hacker shared their stuff, and as collateral, the entire team gets banned, or rolled back the least.

Player X joins a high ranked, immaculate team, shares the rubies or eggs, only for the purpose of eliminating the team. 49 innocent victim of one awfully beautiful (or beautifully awful) plan.

No, thank you.


:frowning: hate that too


It’s like someone else said you can’t salvage gear that is equiped. You have to first use rubies to take it off and then you can salvage.
But it would be nice to have a button to just destroy gear already attached to a rider without having to spend the rubies to unequip first.


So to reiterate what I thought would be good before, is if we had a button to just destroy the gear off of a rider. Which really should be no harm we already wasted the time and materials to craft and put on a rider so why make us use rubies just to fit that rider to another dragon.

  • How about an In game Alarm Timer
  • In game calculator.



Because when 6 teams declare war on same team it’s too much and unfair


You want instant happiness? Give the A/B packs to everyone… I guarantee even PG will be happy with the outcome.


I am not sure if this has been already requested before, but could we have the ability to send a mail to more than one team member. As an officer it would be useful to mail all of the others about certain subjects. Could we have a checkbox against the team players that we want to mail?


I disagree. It’s called war.


Too much yes, unfair though? Maybe don’t piss off six teams? :joy:


Get ready for stupid ass rainbow evolution stones…and I replied to Red because I know she shares my hatred of all things regarding bringing back past insert the request of the day

Edit - just now getting around to reading this insane thread. This will easily turn into a “what can we milk the most money out of the players and yet say we listened to the players” initiative.


LMAO but we want Rainbow evolution stones!!!
$499.99!!! Each!