War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Sadly I think this is exactly what they wanted.


It happens… Normally you deserve it if it’s that many lol.


I assume you were down at least 1 player and became blood in the water


Implement a feature to enable Embedded viewable pictures in Mail so we can send pictures in game.


No way that could go wrong…


Are you talking about Embedded pictures or another post?


Embedded photos.


How about pg beefs up their security so ideas that may have merit don’t get shot down simply because it’s too likely to be hackable?


So much sarcasm :rofl:


Based on all prior knowledge, this is of course what they will do, and I honestly thought you would know this already.


I know this. I’m just informing all the hopefuls :rofl:


I’ll bite, why do you think it would be bad to have the ability to link pictures in mail?
Currently we have a mail setup without all functions of standard email.


Clearly your mind does not spend a lot of time rolling around in the gutter :sweat_smile:


Wait so your saying because a few people can abuse a feature we should take away the option for all?
Doesn’t seem logical.
If we used that logic we should remove chat function all together because a few could be profane, sexist, rasist, offensive… The benefits gained far out weighs the risk and there are simple solutions to prevent most of those.

At least let’s have the option to link pictures in game, maybe the option to copy and paste too.


Difference is that the chat has a mature filter. Let me cue you in on the absolutely obscene, graphic, and horrid things people say in this game. I’ve gotten death threats, stalkers, and everything in between. I’m sorry, but the block and support system would not be able to handle this. You’re dilutional and yeah, it’s better to error on safe for this. I’ve been playing this game for nearly 4 years now. The shit I’ve seen go on and on and on is absurd. Adding photos to that would be absolutely insane. There are children who play this game.

If you want so send photos, download an outside app or utilize your wiki. Adding photos so any Tom, Dick, or Harry can send them to you is a horrible idea. I recognize you mean well, but no. Absolutely not.


I understand what you are saying but it’s been on many games. They all had same player base if not worse, occasionally you would see something bad but they had filters and deterrents like banning players who did such things. Usually prevents most.

But I digress, I think it can be handled but this is not something I have to have so I’ll drop it.

Other functions like In game Calculator, Alarm clock would make me much happier


The sheer number of unsolicited dick pics I’ve gotten over the years when my Line profile was public ish suggests that our community could not handle that. The massive number of inappropriate names for players, teams, and castles proved the support team is too overwhelmed as it is to handle that. Sorry. And no Mike, that was not an invitation.

In game universal clock would be lovely.


I’m not stalking you, and those threats were meant to be in jest! Damnit Red, now open your blinds, I can’t see a thing.


Red my fav 3 letter name gal


Back off, she is mine, my Own… my… precious